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Breaking the glass

anyone have an suggestions on where to find a glass to break for the wedding?  My rabbi said it can be a glass or lightbulb.  DId anyone do anything creative with the glass after the wedding?  Thanks for your help!
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Re: Breaking the glass

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    When I got engaged, my aunt and uncle gave us a shardz breaking glass.  After the wedding, they took it back and had it made into the Delicata Celebration Cup.  It is beautiful!  Shardz has a lot of options for using the glass.
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    The lightbulb is definitely the easiest to break--we had a bit of a struggle with our glass!  If you don't want to use a lightbulb, any Jewish bookstore or gift store should have an appropriate glass.  We had Etsy seller Enid Traisman make ours into a fused glass mezuzah afterwards. 

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    My fiance and I are considereing going to a glass-blowing place and making our own glass to break.  We'd then buy one of the mezuzzahs or something that is intended to hold the broken glass.
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    You can buy your glass anywhere.  We were looking for a blue glass and ended up buying it at Pier 1, (although it wasn't as easy to break as another.)  You could really look at any store, Marshalls, TJMAxx, etc.    Buy two so you can practice breaking one to make sure it breaks easily.  They do sell ones at a lot of Judaica stores for about $30 and they break easily, but you can probably find one a lot cheaper.

    I used the broken glass and put it around my invitation which I put in a frame.  I had posted back in the summer asking others what they did with theirs. 

    I liked the suggetion of putting it in a bottle in a frame underneath our Ketubah, and may still do that since we have extra glass, but I may just keep it as it is in the frame.

    There is a company (I think someone mentioned Shards above) which uses the glass to make into artwork.  There are a few Etsy sellers who do interesting things as well.  

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    Haven't decided whether we'll do a glass or a lightbulb. We'll probably experiment with finds from the Goodwill or Crate&Barrel sales. Glassware on sale at Crate&Barrel costs as much as from Goodwill. No one but the best man will see it.
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