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So we found a venue and they have an on site caterer but they are not kosher. It just didn't make sense to us to continue to look for a venue which was most likely going to be even more expensive , to look for a caterer who going to have prep the food elsewhere and charge us for travel etc etc again more expensive.

We figured that we could do dairy and parave and be fine. My dad when he eats out gets fish. Well in the usual orthodox Jewish community an acquaintance of mine asked me about my venue, how far it was from Baltimore and the if the vendor was kosher? 

I told her about the menu and she says " oh then we can't eat then" 

I bought my dress which comes with a bolero , it has embellishment, it would never meet orthodox standards but it is not like we are having an orthodox wedding

My parents main concern was the finding someone to marry us. Jordan and i really like the rabbi from the conservative shul and  he  agreed  to  marry  us. My mom asked about relationship classes and i told her that he didn't mention anything then she asked " have you told your dad your having a conservative wedding." I'm not sure how to answer that because  they both know FI grew up Reform, he doesn't like separation of men and women in temple, does not want separate seating or dancing so why would a conservative wedding come as any shock. 

On the other side of the coin  I have to explain everything to my FIL. Not seeing each other for a week, the 2 rooms, the plate that gets broken , and a few other customs they are not familiar with.

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    just because you're having a conservative rabbi marry you doesn't mean you can't have an orthodox ketubah, right?  as long as the ceremony and ketubah meet all the requirements then i  think you should be good to go :)
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    We had a kosher style dairy meal at a non-kosher facility. For the few people who keep a strict level of kosher, the venue gave them a plate of uncut fruit and then there was some bread from the place we had ordered our challah from. As a vegetarian, I have had to eat my fair share of less than stellar meals at receptions, so I think as long as you find something for them, you would be okay.

    Make sure you repeatedly go over with your venue that there cannot be any meat and especially there cannot be pork. Our idiot banquet manager (who was let go two weeks later) served us a salmon dish with bacon in it at our tasting even though we had repeatedly mentioned we were not serving meat. My husband is still mad about it.

    A friend of mine had a friend go to a kosher restaurant the day of the wedding and get meals for her kosher only guests to eat. We were too far away to do that though.
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    uncut fruit and a brought in dish would be fine. They did say we can bring in one dish that we made ourselves

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