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How did you choose a ketubah?

How did you picka ketubah?  There are so many beautiful options out there.  How did you decide?  How did you decide whether to get a custom ketubah, a print, a commissioned piece etc.? The choices are so overwhleming.

Re: How did you choose a ketubah?

  • I had to go with affordable options.  Luckily, there are several beautiful, affordable options on this website where I bought my ketubah:

    I chose this Mickie Caspi design:

  • We also needed to be concerned about budget.  Even with a printed ketubah, we ended up going over our initial budget, because we needed custom text.  (None of the ketubot we liked came with Hebrew text that would work for a same-sex couple.)  We looked at a lot of options online, but decided we really needed to see them in person before we could make a decision.  We went to a local Hebrew bookstore/gift shop, and decided on the "Embrace" ketubah from 20th Century Illuminations.  We ended up having to order it directly from the artist, though, because we needed to work with her on the custom text.

    The good news is, the artist also agreed to let us use the artwork of the ketubah in the design of the paper goods (invitations, programs, thank-you cards, and photo sharing cards) for the wedding.

  • We were concerned with budget, too.  We went with and picked out the one below.  because we were on a budget, we are having it done on archival paper, and not personalized (we picked our text, the rabbi will have to fill in the blanks for names and date, etc)
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