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When to do the Hora

Ok I am sure it's been asked here before but I am trying to decide when to do the Hora???

Originally I was going to go right into First Dance, Father /Daughter Mother/ Son and then into the Hora but I wonder if I should wait until AFTER the people are already on the dance floor to start the Hora...


Like, do we let the DJ call everyone up to the dance floor for the hora and start it or wait til they are up there???


Re: When to do the Hora

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    RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    we did the first dance and then went right into the hora.

    usually i've seen it done this way and then have the f/d and m/s dance later in the night.

    there isn't a right/wrong way to do it though.
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    Agreed.  We are doing it one of two ways:

    1. first dance and then play the music and everyone will be directed out of their chairs, OR

    2. first dance, invite all couples half way into our song to dance, and since most everyone will already be up, go into the hora with the rest of the guests joining in.

    You'll get no consensus here; a few brides started the reception off with the hora, others put it off much later.  You'll have to decide how you want to fit it into your day.
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    stahlopstahlop member
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    We did ours in the exact order that you are thinking, First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and then the Hora.  We then had dinner after that because we figured they'd worked up an appetite by then.  It worked really well at our reception.
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    tenofcups4metenofcups4me member
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    For my first wedding, we did first dance then hora, then toasts and first course. Parent dances were after the first course while everyone was finishing up (because honestly, I don't think anyone cares about them really except the people dancing).
    I loved that the hora was at the beginning since I felt it really set a party tone right away for the reception. I even have on our video the non-Jewish older boyfriend (in his late 50s, early 60s) of a friend of mine going by and saying to his date, "What a great way to get a party started!"
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    Danaz1Danaz1 member
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    We came in and went right into the Hora.  It was so much fun and a great way to start off the party.  After that we sat and did salad and speeches and then first dances etc.  We actually did another hora at the end of the night also.  
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    Thanks everyone. I think we're going to come in and get the first dancees out of the way and go right into the hora and then dancing and THEN dinner. There will be so much food at the cocktail hour I worry that my guests won't be hungry for dinner right away anyway.
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