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What chametz food did you enjoy last night/today?

My first meal after pesach was pizza, sooo yummy!  I'm so happy to be back eating leavened foods, mmm.
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Re: What chametz food did you enjoy last night/today?

  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    FI and I also had pizza, but he appreciated it more because he stuck to Passover but I didn't.  I'm a bad Jew.
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    i ALSO had pizza! and it was great. though i didnt make the crust myself. but i have leftovers for lunch today and im loving it. 

    FI also made some pizza at his home (he lives 2000 miles from me) and even waited to way later than usual dinner so we could have our chametz together. 

    nevermind that our pizza had proscuitto on it. i realize that pork (and cheese together) on a pizza is not exactly, ummmm, kosher. but we dont keep regular kosher, although we do keep kosher for passover. this makes complete sense to us, i promise! 
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  • leoraannaleoraanna member
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    FI and I went to get sushi with another couple in our party where we all went the night we got engaged, where we went on our first date <3
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    We made home made pizza - we usually only eat veggie pizza anyway, but that crust tasted good.  We still have a ton of food, mostly treats like macaroons.  I had the last of the matzah ball soup I made and it was kick ass delicious!
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    Oh man, I went to town. I'm also on weight watchers so last night was my cheat meal.

    We made italian paninis with an amazing crusty ciabatta bread, it was so good! I also enjoyed some amazingly tasty gummy worms.
  • silversparkssilversparks member
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    Spaghetti and meatballs for us :) It was so late by the time we changed the kitchen back over and we could eat, pasta was all we had the energy left to make (the meatballs were leftovers...) but it was delicious!
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  • sari5765sari5765 member
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    Garlic Naan!
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    Burritos! But Pesach was not as bad for us this year because we decided to be Sephardic and eat kitniyot. I mean, when our rabbi tells us that if it wasn't for his wife being Ashkenazi (he's Mexican - so funny!) that he would eat corn, how can we resist???
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