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Tel Aviv Wedding- Gaze Flotilla

I'm getting married June 27 in Tel Aviv. I can't belive this whole Gaze flotilla event had to happen now! I guess I shouldn't say, can't believe...more hoping nothing would happen around the wedding. I just hope my American guests aren't freaked out.

Ugh! And now Iran is threatening to send its own "humanitarian" ship to end the blockade. Why doesn't the world see that the blockade is the only defense left for Israel to use to prevent weapons from entering Gaza? They pulled out of Southern Lebenon, out of Gaza and nothing was given in return from Hamas! Israel is sharing a border with a government whose idealogy is wipe Israel off the face of the map! And yet the world does not understand Israel's need to defend itself!

You have video showing dozens of "humanitarian" activists beating and stabbing Israeli soldiers as they are rappaling down from a helicopter and still the UN denounces Israel's actions! What kind of "humanitarian" ship tells the Israeli navy over the radio to "Go back to Auschwitz??" This whole situation infuriates me and I feel bad for Israel's PR because they seem to try by showing video footage yet nothing changes people's minds when they are biased against Israel!

Re: Tel Aviv Wedding- Gaze Flotilla

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    Your wedding will be a triumphant one because you are marrying in the homeland of Jewish people. This is not the correct site to entertain political discussions.  But everyone will see the truth soon enough. 
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    I agree with everything you wrote, talgirl.  The real issue here is that a good amount of people who claim they want peace (i.e. the peace activists on the flotilla) are really just anti semites who will never recognize israel as a legitimate state, in fact, in the words of Ahmadinejad, they want israel "whiped off the map".

    Of course the blockade sucks for the average Palestinian (although as far as I know, Israel allows plenty of aid into Gaza once it has been inspected to assure bombs/weapons/etc are not being transported over the border), however, if the Israelies didn't have to worry about constantly being rocket bombed (Sderot!) or having their soldiers kidnapped (did everyone forget about Gilad?) then they wouldn't have to be blockading.

    Now onto your wedding - luckily Tel Aviv is far enough away from Gaza (as I'm sure you know) that your wedding should remain unaffected by this.  Try to remain positive and not let the headlines bother you too much.  I am guessing that most of your guests will not let this get in their way of attending your big day.

    You are so wonderfully lucky to be able to get married, in what I believe to be, the best place on earth.  I have always had such special feelings towards Israel not only because it is the home of the Jewish people, but that is where I met my husband.

    Your wedding is going to be marvelous! 
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    Thanks for the positive words, ladies! That is the main reason why my FI and I wanted to get married in Israel. But everything has its positives and negatives. Unfortunately for Israel, the risk of a terrorist attacks is always high. This flotilla situation just really annoyed me! Ugh, I hate biased It's so funny to see similar articles between CNN and Fox " 4 Palestinians killed" is different from "4 terrorists killed"
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