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Jewish Weddings


This may be a dumb question lol. Do jewish brides wear a garter? I wasnt sure since there is no garter removal.

Re: Garter

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    I don't think something "traditional" for Jews. If it's something you want to wear I don't see the issue.

    I just found this questioning the purposed of the garter...

    The garter tradition originated back to the 14th century. In parts of Europe the guests of the bride and groom believed having a piece of the bride’s clothing was thought to bring good luck. They would actually destroy the brides dress by ripping off pieces of fabric. Obviously, this tradition did not sit well with the bride, so she began throwing various items to the guests – the garter being one of them. It became customary for the bride to toss the garter to the men. But this also caused a great problem for the bride….sometimes the men would get drunk, become impatient and try to remove the garter ahead of time. Therefore, the custom derived at having the groom remove and toss the garter to the men. With this change, the bride began to toss the bridal boutique to the unwed girls who were eligible for marriage.

    Another interesting custom dated back to the ancient times where the wedding garter represented the virginal girdle. When the groom removed the garter from the bride, this represented the bride’s relinquishment of her virginity.

  • RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    I didn't wear one, but if you want to, I don't see the harm!
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  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    I'm going to wear one, but I'm not going to have my groom remove mine in front of everyone.  I will give him an extra one to toss, but the person who catches it doesn't have to put it on the leg of the woman who catches the bouquet - too mortifying, LOL!
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    Ditto - it's not my thing and I've been to few weddings, Jewish or otherwise, where the bride wore one. 
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    no garter and no garter toss for us

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