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What Color Kippah?

Since these will be guest favors, do you think guests would prefer them in a neutral color (like black), or can we order them in our wedding colors (blue and ivory)?  I now FI keeps kippahs when they are traditional, and always seems to return the ones that are "funky."

We're going to order our kippahs from Mazeltops.com, but I'm going back and forth on color choices.  We'd like the New-Style, non-beenie satin styles (http://mazeltops.com/newsatin.htm). 

Re: What Color Kippah?

  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    My colors are royal blue, white, and silver, so I will probably order non-beenie, satin styles in these colors as well.
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    this may seem odd, but one thing to consider is how they will look in the pictures.

    a good friend of mine had light pink ones, and in a lot of the pictures of the groomsmen you could only see about half wearing kippot. she actually ended up photoshopping tips of pink off of some heads...

    was she a little crazy? yes.  :)

    i really like the updated satin ones you picked out! as a guest, i would take one no matter the color.

  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    We got those in ivory.  Honestly, I think that white or ivory are pretty neutral colors.  As far as blue goes, I think it depends on the shade of blue.
  • Danaz1Danaz1 member
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    we did black in suede. I don't really like satin because they are too shiny but just my taste.
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    I agree - guests will take a kippah no matter what.  I have so many friends that are so excited, as this their first Jewish wedding they are attending and many women even have asked if they can take one - so we are having enough kippot for every person (not just men).  We are getting them in our wedding color (chocolate brown).  I wanted the new satin, but FI prefers suede and since he hasn't voiced his opinion much and let me do as I want, we are going with suede.  :)

    What is the primary color, the blue or ivory?  I love the new satin look and personally, I think the blue would look great, but so would the ivory.  If you are more interested in a color that those who wear them will appreciate, then I'd go with ivory because it can be worn in the spring/summer for a lighter look, and on solemn days like Yom Kippur.  Black is an option if you want to go that route; but I always think it's strange not keep with your colors and EVERYONE always has black, so why not be different.

    And that's my two cents...

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