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chuppah advice

Hi all! :)

My FI and I are wondering where to get a chuppah from.  I want a stationary one- we are reform so we do not need anyone to hold it.  Do people typically make their own?  Does anyone have one that they made they are willing to sell? 



Re: chuppah advice

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    I made my own. You can use anything for the canopy, some people use tallit or even a fancy tablecloth. I sewed the canopy and you can google "make your own chuppah" and get directions for doing the poles/holders.

    Good luck :)
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  • tenofcups4metenofcups4me member
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    I got mine from my florist. My site also had one we could have used and just had the florist decorate (but the one from the florist was nicer).
  • Musicheals71Musicheals71 member
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    Luckily, my synagogue already had a chuppah for us to borrow.  Two of my aunts decorated it with flowers, ivy, and tulle.
  • becunning2becunning2 member
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    If you knit, there is a fabulous (FABULOUS) chuppah pattern by interweave knits that looks absolutely lovely.  Or if you don't knit, but your mom does...  you could say you googled it, found it, and would-oh-so-love to have it at your ceremony. :P

    Otherwise, your synagogue may have one, the florist may have one, you can prebuy some (google is your friend!), or you could go all crafty on it.  But when you go shopping around for flowers, I definitely would ask the florist whether they have anything for a chuppah.  Some will have the frame already ready for you. G'luck!
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    We were going to make our own (buy unfinished wood and basically build it out of scratch) but when we realized our florist would rent us one for $100 decorated, we easily went with that option.
  • Danaz1Danaz1 member
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    my florist did the chuppah
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  • shortee426shortee426 member
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    We are renting ours from a party supply store.
  • 2dBride2dBride member
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    • Mine (picture above and instructions at this link) was built on the frame of a portable popup gazebo.  We live in DC and got married in Massachusetts.  Our chuppah could be folded up and easily transported, and was also easy to set up once we got there.
    • This one relies on putting each of the four poles into PVC pipe set into a flowerpot partly filled with concrete for stability.
    • This one is based on using a lattice for the ceiling, which stabilizes the whole structure so as to make support for the bottoms of the poles unnecessary.
    • This one has a wooden frame at the top, held up by lattices at each of the corners.
    • This one has a PVC frame, anchored in concrete.
    • This one is based on birch poles put into umbrella stands.
    • This one is not free-standing, and would need to be held by four people during the ceremony.  However, it uses bungee cords to attach the four corners of a tallit to the four poles, so that the fabric of the tallit won't get torn if the pole-carriers aren't perfectly in sync.

    Or if you don't want to make your own, there is one for sale on eBay right now.  Here is a link.

    Hope this helps!

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    My florist is doing ours.
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