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Interfaith ceremony program help!

Hello - my fiance and I are having an interfaith ceremony by both a rabbi and a minister and the following is basically the series of events we are having during the ceremony.  Is there better ways to call these out in the program?  I"m going to provide an explanation of some of the traditional Jewish things in another area, but just for the listing of the events during the ceremony I need some help.  I put question marks next to some that I'm having some particular trouble with!  Thanks

Here is what we have....
Welcome and PrayerScripture Reading  Corinthians 13:1-8Wine Ceremony???Exchange of VowsBlessing and Exchange of Rings    Song of Songs 8:6-7Seven Wedding Blessings???HomilyPronouncement of MarriageBreaking of the Glass???Presentation of the Couple

Re: Interfaith ceremony program help!

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    I'd get onto the other started posts and get samples from others to decide how you'd like to address your ? areas.
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    Congratulations!! I love the idea of a service book to explain certain customs to those that might not understand them.Remember good etiquette means  GOOD MANNERS AND CONSIDERATION FOR OTHERS.  So therefore, I think an explanation of the wine blessings, seven blessings, and the breaking of the glass is really lovely. Good luck and Mazel Tov!  
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    i think you have the correct english version of what happens in a Jewish wedding.  is that your question?
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    I'm in the same boat!  I'm Catholic and my FI is Jewish and we're doing both the wine ceremony and breaking of the glass.  I'm looking for a simple sentence or statement that descibes the symbolism behind the wine ceremony and breaking of the glass.  Over the past 2 years with my FI I have learned so much, and I want to take the opportunity to represent both religion's traditions in an easy to understand manner.  Any ideas on where I can find the info???  Thanks!
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    found this posted on another board:

    Chelsea Clinton

    I know it's a huge help to me... thought you all might get some ideas from it as well!
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    We're not doing an "interfaith" wedding, but my fiance isn't Jewish and so we've created a program that explains many of the elements in a way that isn't heavy on the Jewish lingo.  I hope this helps!

    The Jewish wedding ceremony of Kiddushin contains two parts: Erusin (the betrothal ritual) and Nissuin (the marriage ceremony). Centuries ago, these two ceremonies took place up to a year apart, but today the two ceremonies take place back-to-back under the chuppah.


    During the first part of the ceremony, Erusin, the couple will sign the ketubah and pledge their love for one another.  Then the couple will sanctify their betrothal (the formal intention of marriage) with a blessing over a cup of wine.


    The second part of the ceremony, Nissuin, consists of the couple exchanging an item of value (rings) in an act of "acquiring" one another. This connects the now legally married couple with God. The centerpiece of the Nissuin ceremony is the Sheva Brachot (the seven blessings), including the blessing over a second cup of wine.

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    The Clinton program got me what i was looking for!  THANKS!
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