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I need help finding reputable charities...please help

We have decided in honor of our grandparents who were holocaust survivirs and can not be with us we would like to donate to a charity that helps holocaust survivors. Also in honor of our wedding we need a charity that helps poor brides (hachnasat kallah). I found one i thought looked great but now i am concerned it may be a bit shady. If i am donating i want to make sure it goes into the right hands. I tried researching but coming up short...please help guide us.

Re: I need help finding reputable charities...please help

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    Its a wonderful idea. You should call your local UJC office, they will be able to help you with reputable charities.
    good luck,

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    I'm not sure about the right charity to help holocaust survivors--I would call maybe your local Federation and they might be able to properly direct you.

    However, I do know of a charity for hachnasat kallah.  The lady who runs it is a regular wedding planner in addition to running this charity. I've spoken to this lady personally (she was a friend's wedding planner) and she does really amazing things.  I've heard nothing but good things about her.  The org is called Keren Simchas Chosson v' Kallah.  The website is
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    What beautiful idea!

    There's the shoah foundation, which does preservation and education. They actually record the stories of survivors:

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