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Bedekon & Tisch at a non kosher wedding?

We are having a Kosher style wedding (as in its Kosher meat, no diary- w/o the rabbi present to watch over and make sure its Kosher - due to the higher cost)- do you think it would be strange to have a bedken and a tisch when the wedding is not technically kosher? 

Re: Bedekon & Tisch at a non kosher wedding?

  • No, I would not find that strange.  If you and your FI want to incorporate those parts of the wedding, go for it.  We had a bedekin but no tisch, and our wedding was dairy but at a non-kosher inn (there are no kosher restaurants in the state where we got married!).

  • Nope - totally fine. I don't think one has anything to do with the other. The meal is reception, the other is ceremonial.

    We also had a meatless wedding - and I had a bedecken. We didn't do a Tisch (DH didn't want it)
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  • go for it.  it sounds like its pretty kosher anyways, in my (admittedly lax) opinion!
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  • We are planning to do a bedekken and a tisch and we are having a less kosher reception than you - no pork or shell fish, but there will be dairy and meat and the meat is not explicitly kosher (i.e. not killed in a kosher way) and the venue is a normal hotel without kosher catering.

    It never even occured to me not to have the tisch and bedekken because it wasn't a kosher wedding.  The two decisions were totally independent of one another based on what traditions I wanted to incorporate.

    For what its worth, our tisch and bedekken will not be strict.  My FI is not giving a devar torah or anything at the tisch.  Its more of a short meet and greet.  Also if a female (or a male in my case) wants to pop in to say hello, we will be fine with that.
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