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I am an artist (and a newly engaged bride) who is interested in painting my own ketubah. I would like to be able to work with a calligrapher to mark up where the text would fall on the page, then create the painting, and hand it off to a rabbi or calligrapher to write the text over it. Has anyone heard of this being done before, or know of any calligrapher who would agree to do such a thing? Any estimations of cost for just calligraphy alone?

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    RachiemooRachiemoo member
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    i'm not sure if she does it or not, but the artist i used does custom work so she may be open to it... her website is
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    reebsreebsreebsreebs member
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    If you want a printed one, instead of hand calligraphy, a lot of the on-line companies will sell you an un-adorned one. Just the words, in a circle or rectangle. If you want a hand-done one, contact your rabbi or chabad in your area.
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    Thank you Rachiemoo- I spoke with her and she has done this many times before! Will go with her!
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    i know this was written a long time ago, but iei515 - do you remember how much this cost and how long it took? I am considering doing the same (hand painting a ketubah and asking for a calligrapher to write the text) for my brothers wedding this august, and would love to find a calligrapher in nyc for the right price!



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