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NWR - Rosh Hashanah

This will be our first holiday as a married couple.  While we'll probably spent one night with his mother's family (his parents are divorced), in the past we've spent the other with our rabbi's, but this year I'd prefer we do something on our own (I don't like to go to his dad's family's gathering because you wouldn't even know it's RH and they don't keep kosher).

I want to buy some stuff, nothing too expensive, to get us going for the holiday (we didn't get as much Judaica as I'd hope).  I've seen a few things on Google and saw a few nice things on Jewish Bazaar; wondering if anyone could recommend a website or store (NYC area) they've bought or gotten gifts from for me to get some things.


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    I bought some stuff at Manhattan Judaica. The people there are super nice and helpful and they've got a pretty good selection (although any selection is better than what's available in Las Vegas...) Maybe your Rabbi could also recommend some places?
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    ModernTribe has great stuff. Some of it's more pricey, but they do have a range.
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    The store at the Jewish Museum on the Upper East side has some very pretty things. I'm not sure how their prices are, but my guess is expensive. I just googled and they have a bunch of stuff online ( -- I would also guess they have more at the store than what's online, but I don't know for sure.
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    i've been searching for a (jewish themed) engagement gift and noticed that has a lot of cute stuff (i haven't purchased anything yet from them).

    also, they have a store in Brooklyn I believe.
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    Thanks ladies, I'll look into it.  Rach - totally forgot about eichers - it tends to have some nice stuff (had really good things for Passover that I didn't get around to buying, but hope to do soon).
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