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Apart for Passover :(

I'm going home to Chicago for Pesach this year, but DH can't get the time off so he's staying here.

Anyone else split for Pesach?
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Re: Apart for Passover :(

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    Sorry you buys have to be split up!

    We aren't split, but I wonder if maybe sometimes in the future we will be because I kind of miss spending the holiday with my family!  There are just a lot of issues though because DH is a lot more observant than my family.

    We're going to be spending the holiday here with DH's extended family, looks interesting:
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    FI and I are split too...I'm at school and he's already graduated and started his new job.  And unfortunately neither of us really has someone to celebrate it with.  But we're looking forward to being together next year!
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    FI and I are split too. We almost always are. Im in Utah and he is in NY about 90% of the time. Its a bummer. We both keep passover and we enjoy planning joint menus together to have on the same nights. but generally, living apart sucks. no other way to put it. we''ve been doing it for 2.5 years and will do it for 2.5 more.
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    We're apart too! I'm working away from home unfortunately and am really bummed about being away over Passover. FI will be with his family btu for me it will be like any other day sadly as there isn't anywhere here I could go. We have next year to look forward to! x

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