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Winter wedding venue?

Hello everyone, just got engaged and would like to get married soon ( I'm thinking January or Febuary 2013), with about 150 guests.... but a Winter wedding seems to have a lot of downfalls, ie can't seem to find a nice indoor location that's not too expensive. I'd like to stay within a 20-25,000 budget. Anyone have any ideas for locations.  I live in northern California but can travel up to TAhoe or South to Santa Barbara if its a good place.  


Re: Winter wedding venue?

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    You will probably have a lot better luck on your local wedding board for this one! But there are definitely advantages to having a winter wedding if you can find the right venue. A lot of them (including mine) offer a seasonal discount on food, fees, and anything else they include because technically its in the "off" wedding season. I'm not sure if California is the same (we're getting married in New England) because the weather is different, but its definitely worth asking around! Good luck!

  • When we went hunting for a winter venue, we looked at a lot of museums and historical buildings/attraction-type things in our area.  With government funding going down, museums and the like tend to like weddings, as it gives them some extra income when they otherwise wouldn't get many visitors.  Make sure the museum has done weddings beforeyour's, though; you don't want to be their first try at it!

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  • I agree!! It's so much to be had when it comes to a winter wedding! I'm getting married in the great state of ALABAMA!! Here the winter can either be scarry cold or scarry hot(tornados!) But for my venue, I'm saving about 2,000 dollars because there is a discount in the winter verses any other month!!!  Museums and and even restaurants would be a great try!!! GOOD LUCK and DON'T BE DISCOURAGED!!!
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