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Hi ladies i was a May 2009 bride but my sister in law is getting married Feb 2013, she is very unorganized and not really motivated. i just recently offered to help her if she needed it, and she jumped at the chance. problem is other than having the Hall and church and photographer book she's done nothing else. if you ladies could please email some checklist that you might have ( ceremony, reception etc.) that would really helpful. I unfortunately deleted all my wedding stuff and am trying to recall alot from memory. i have started to google checklist but a more personal would would be really helpful. TIA

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  • Let me see what I have!
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  • Let me see what I have!
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  • I have a very short checklist and realized that it may not help since I am having a Destination Wedding :-( but I can email you what I have as soon as I get my scanner working!
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  • Hi Sharon,

    TheKnot has a great "My Checklist" tool that gives you a comprehensive list of tasks you should be checking off your list. Not sure at this point in the game if the list would be condensed just because its 3 months away from her wedding date, but its certainly worth a check! 

    Good luck!

  • While I sort of use the knot's checklist as a guide, I actually made my own (we had more time than you to plan, but we had so many things going on this year that we had to book vendor meetings/decision-making weekends months in advance!), using this general method:

    1. figure out what you HAVE to have (officiant, location, refreshments for guests, a way to let said guests know they're invited, that sort of thing).  This is the stuff where an actual wedding CAN'T take place without!

    2. figure out what you'd LIKE to have (clothes for important people, certain kinds of refreshments, a way to record the day, entertainment, decorations).  List these in order of how important they are to the VIP couple. (not everyone HAS to have a fancy white dress, or a band, or flowers.  They're nice and important to some people but not critical to a marriage happening).

    3. Go down the list from #1 ASAP.  Even if it has to be in a public park with snack trays from the local grocery store, and guests get an e-vite over facebook, lock those decisions down!  (FYI most craft stores sell boxed kits for print-your-own invitations.  They're rather lovely, and you only need a computer + printer to make them!)

    4. Go down list #2 as far as you can.  This is why you list it in order of importance.  If flowers or a dress aren't critical, go ahead and save them for later while you book a DJ.

    It is kind of good that she wants a February wedding; being off-season it will be easier to find vendors that aren't booked yet.  The only downsides are a) if you're in the northern half of the US, you'll really want an indoor location and b) it might be hard to get certain 'make-to-order' things in a shorter amount of time without paying rush fees.  But there are ways around it.  Most dress boutiques will sell you their sample dress, so long as it relatively fits, and you might get a discount!

    I hope that helps, good luck!

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