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Anybody else?

I'm getting married in a week and a half and I am soooo eerily calm. It's not in my nature, AT ALL! I'm very high strung and a worry wart and I don't know why I'm so calm. I think it might be bc it doesn't feel like it's next week. We've been engaged so long I think it's throwing me off. I feel like we still have months to go and really we just have days. Anyone else not feel like the wedding is just around the corner? I feel like I should be freaking out about last minute details or something.
Best of luck to you and yours!

Feb 22, 2013

Re: Anybody else?

  • Same here!!!! I'm getting married in 10 days! and it doesn't feel like it all at. We've been engaged for a year and a half. I did all our wedding planning pretty early to get it out the way. I know I wil freak out the day before and the day of! LOL but really it doesn't feel like our wedding is next week. Let's just hope I don't forget to show up  hahahahaha! (just kidding)

  • I'm the opposite!! LOL!!

    I'm getting married on Saturday, I feel like nothing is done!!  Most of it is, but I'm still going a bit crazy!  I wish I had 10 days!!
  • :) I've been pretty laid back about everything now and so my fi is freaking out enough for the both of us and then some! LOL

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  • I totally feel the same way! My wedding is in 11 days and I am totally calm. I have chronic anxiety but for some reason I am not anxious about the wedding at all. Everyone I know expected me to be in a total panic this week. I did all the planning way in advance so maybe that is helping. Our wedding is in Phoenix, AZ but we live in Columbus, OH. We leave for Phoenix next week. I am more concerned about what I want to eat for breakfast the morning of the wedding than the wedding itself!
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    Yep, same here.  A coworker asked me this morning if I was excited and I was like, about what?  Lent? (we had just been talking about Mardi Gras and these special donuts someone brought in for it, I foget their name.)  Granted, it was work, I was in work mode, but still, I'd totally forgotten about it!

    I do still have a bunch to do, though.  Just DIY projects.  Hoping to whip them out before Monday.
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  • I am not calm and I leave on Saturday, but it doesn't really sink in WHY all of this is happening...I mean, I know we are getting married, but it doesn't strike me that we are under 2 weeks away from being husband and wife!  A life changing moment and I am in a tizzy about wedding jewelry, lol!!  We also had a pretty long engagement, yesterday we made 20 months since we got engaged!
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  • I wish I was calm - I am super stressed.  Not about the actual act of getting married - I just realize I have so much to do and not enough time to get it done.  I think once the week is over and I have off from work the 4 days prior to the wedding I will calm down!!!
  • LOL nope I am 100% stressed!!!! Lots of little things to prepare for, I wish I had another week! I'm just hoping at this point to have everything completed on Friday so I can relax and enjoy!
  • I go back and forth. I am three days away now and the family has just started coming into town. Its been stressful, just because there are still a few things that need to be done, but with the family here I don't have time to get it done. My family all arrives tomorrow too, so it's not going to get any better. I'm very excited to get married and just want the day to be here already! 
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