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Under 150 days now!

Sorry I haven't been on much lately girls, been super busy around here ever since the hurricane. My school canceled our fall break to try and catch up on days and between school, work , and wedding planning things have been crazy. Good news is my dress came in! I'm SUPER excited, think I'm going to pick it up tomorrow. Also good news is our save the dates have FINALLY went out and people have started to recieve them. Bad news is our engagement party was suppose to be this weekend and we had to cancel it. My finace got called into work for an emergency job that he can't miss and what is an engagement party without the groom? So we called everyone yesterday and canceled it. I don't think it will be rescheduled since we are now so close to the wedding. I was really upset about it at first but my mom was able to talk me out of it by saying this is just a little detail and once I am married nothing else will matter. I love her to pieces sometimes. :) We also were suppose to finalilize stuff with our new home tomorrow and that got pushed back because of the job too. I am still stressed out sometimes though when I think of how much is left to do but overall I'm enjoying the process. How are ya'll doing?
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Re: Under 150 days now!

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    I'm feeling the stress too!!

    I have several DIY projects that need to get moving, the most important are my invitations!  I know how I want them worded and all, but not how I was to "spruce" them up yet!

    Meanwhile, work on my end is picking up as it does every year at this time (I'm in sales) and I had a new assistance start this week, which completely stresses me out as I feel like I need to keep on top of her until I know she is up and running on her own.

    I still have a huge list of items on my to do list!  And one is a photographer.  It has been a nightmare locking one in that I love but is within our budget!

    Somehow after reading your post, mine items seem a bit more insignificant!  You are so lucky to have your mom keeping you calm, I don't feel like I have had much of that from my mom or sister, although my best friend keeps me sane, offering to do whatever she can to help!

    Keep calm and carry on y'all!!  Or since its Friday, have a cocktail!  The clock is ticking on us now!!

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    I second the cocktail since it is FRIDAY!!

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    So sorry about your engagement party, but you will be able to go all out in a HUGE celebration on your wedding day!! Don't sweat it and just breathe :-)  Everything else will fall into place as it should, you've worked hard and it will pay off!
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