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Easy and fast and healthy dinner recipes

So I have to admit, I fell off the diet/exercise bus and have been a beast this past week.  I blame it on working crazy hours - but in the end I still ate delivery every night this week!!  And now my stomach is killing me for it :(

Anyone have some fast and healthy dinner ideas they can share?  Thanks!

Re: Easy and fast and healthy dinner recipes

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    While its the complete opposite of "fast", I totally love my slow cooker.  You can prep any ingredients the night before and toss it all in before going to work so its ready for when you get home.  I go so far as to prep everything in the insert, put that in the fridge over night, so all I have to do is plop it in to place and turn it on in the morning. (I pull it out of the fridge and leave it on the counter while I get ready, just because cold insert + hot heating unit has a small chance of cracking)

    I might be biased because I'm vegetarian, but this is the perfect time of year to use a slow cooker for slow-roasting squash and other root veggies.  Very very healthy!  I also really like it for making veggie-filled chilli and lentil soup.  All you have to do when you get home is throw together a salad and maybe heat up some rolls.  Yum!

    ETA:  Also, stomach aches suck!  College gave me a million (stress, skipping meals, crappy food, etc).  Best solution?  Ginger!  It regulates your stomach... somehow, ugh, I forget, but its good for a sore stomach.  Health food stores usually carry ginger flavored chewy candies, great to slowly chew on a few if your stomach hurts.  Tazo also makes a great ginger flavored green tea.
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  • chicken fajitas!

    you can cut up chicken breast into strips season to taste (not too much salt! you should totally get a jar of minced garlic) and stir fry them on the stove with green peppers red pepper and onions with some olive oil...wrap in a fajita or eat with a side salad or brown rice!

    make a salad for dinner- toss in some chicken (left overs from above recipe can work) dried cranberries, walnuts, hard boiled egg, red onion slices green peppers (whatever you like!)

    perdue also has precooked grilled chicken breasts that tastes great and you can eat it cold in a salad or warm them up on  the stove top a bit for both recipes mentioned above!
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  • oh and how can I forget tomatoes!!  toss those into both recipes as well!!

    also get some chicken legs and bake it in the oven with potatoes and carrots!  I even season the potatoes with some olive oil, black pepper, add some of that garlic and my spanish seasonings sazon and/or adobo (don't use too much adobo b/c it can get salty)

    red potatoes or sweet potatoes (regular potatoes are good, but are starchy)

    oh, also make some tuna sandwiches, eat as a sandwich on a scooped out whole wheat bagel...use "light" mayo (i like quite a bit of mayo in my tuna and its usually not "light" mayo so not the healthiest but still healthier than eating out or eating fried), and dice up some green peppers and red onions nice and small and add to it...some tomatoes too!  tastes even better after being in the refrigerator overnight!
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