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February 2013 Weddings

How to add the fun stuff to the "bottom of your posts" AKA signatures and stuff.

On the left side under "Community Links" (which is under the list of the different boards), there are multiple links.

-If you want to change your avatar (the picture about your name), go to "Change Avatar." There four tabs that allow you to choose a previously uploaded photos, upload a image, a TK provided image, or your inner bride's head.

-If you want to add/change your signature, go to "Update Signature." (or stay on the page after doing your avatar). There will be a box where you can input HTML codes. 

   *To add a ticker, you need make up and get the code. See below for TK instructions.

   *To add join the monthly "Siggy Challenge", use this code in red:

<br/><img src="" width="450px" /><br/>
Feb13 Siggy Challenge

Input the picture in between the teal quotation marks. If the picture is too big or small, change the purple number. The blue wording at the bottom can be change to whatever you want it to say. MAKE SURE TO CLICK SAVE.

   *For a plain picture, just remove the words from the "Siggy Challenge" code.

*To create a countdown/ticker on TK, click "Wedding Tickers." Click "Create Your Wedding Ticker." Choose the designs/wordings you want. At the end, copy everything in the box under "HTML CODE" and past that into your signature box (see above).

If that's not clear, or something's wrong in my codes/wording, post and let me know. :)

Wedding Countdown Ticker
Feb13 Siggy Challenge

Re: How to add the fun stuff to the &amp;quot;bottom of your posts&amp;quot; AKA signatures and stuff.

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