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I know you are now a March bride, but are you still around??  Miss ya girl, I may just go and stalk the March board.  Hope all is well with you!!
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    Sorry. I just started a new job on 3rd so my internet usage has gone to nothing. Everything is going for me. Both families are now in on the planning and changing/demanding changes when we're only a month away now. @.@ Only another month.

    How are you doing girl? Excited yet?

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    Oh girl!  It's tought with everyone putting their opinions in :-(  I hope you can do what you and your FI want, it's all about the two of you!  Or maybe become a destination bride and elope!  Give the families something with substane to "complain" about, lol!  Hope things start moving in a positive direction for you!!

    I leave on Saturday and still have lots of little errands to run but I am so exited!  I will be married in less than 2 weeks!!!  it's like, when things slow down a little and I have time to actually think, it sinks in that we will be husband and wife, ahh!! lol!!
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