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Good news: We got the church for sure and just booked our DJ (who happens to be one of our old HS buddies :)

Bad news: I lost my job and haven't had any luck finding another one near home. I may end up having to move away to get another one. Fi is talking about cutting credits and going back to work full time and taking one or two classes a semester to provide for us. :( So lots of T&Ps on it. Also, I lost my health insurance due to no job and I'm in the middle of a health issue.

Despite our issues, we're moving ahead (for now) with our wedding plans. Please send lots of T&Ps because we're going to need it.

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Re: News/Updates

  • Take a moment and breathe.  I do believe that everything happens for a reason, there may be something great waiting for you just around the corner!!

    Keep coming here and talking about it, it will  make you feel better and we will support you in everything that happens!!

    Just remember that you will have the happiest day of your life soon!  It will be beautiful and wonderful, focus on that and everything else will fall into place!

    Love and prayers!

  • Lots of thoughts and prayers for you!  Just take it one day at a time and try to focus on the positive.  You've got a very supportive future hubby, I hope he can continue to help you see the light at the end of the tunnel :-) 

    Are you still Feb or was your date officially changed?
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  • We changed officially to March. But that's okay too. Some company that I didn't apply to called me today for my resume so maybe things are looking up. Fi got all his schlarships for school (big headache there) so it's all paid off this semester! :D Sorry for being MIA. Just alot of house/self catching up going on. Since I moved back in with my parents, I've been going through everything and getting rid of unnecesary stuff so that's always good. :)

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