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How's eveyone doing?

Ok ladies just saw my countdown and its at 187 days. Time is flying by. I have done so much wedding stuff in the last couple of weeks and still have alot to do. I finally have some of my DIY pojects winding down. Anyone else feelinig the pressure? Planning a wedding and buying a house can be alot to handle. Can't wait to see what happens when I throw school into the mix in two weeks.
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Re: How's eveyone doing?

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    I'm doing OK! Not really feeling the pressure yet quite honestly, but I'm sure that will change soon! In 2 weeks I'm traveling back to Boston for our cake tasting, meeting with the reverend, our first 3 hour long meeting with our venue, food tasting, and engagement pictures...crazy!!! I am extremely nervous for our e-pics, I hope I don't look like a goober! UGH!
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    Right now, to be completly honest, I don't even really care about putting this wedding together. And the reason is... this damn master's degree thesis!! I still have 40-50 pages to write in a month while working full time and seriously, I don't know how I'm going to do this. My advisor is waiting sharp for these pages, so there will be no more social life nor wedding DYI / planning for me until this craziness is over. All that is left is procrastination on the Internet when my brains are about to explode!

    I'm so glad though my fiancé is really supportive through this! And since he's also planning a lot (taking care of his groomsmen's attire, the hotel block, the invitations, etc..), I know I can take care of this damn thesis, focus all my attention on it right now, and then I'll be all free to finish planning with my love our wedding! :) But for right now, no flowers or favors making; I have to make this thesis appear on paper first!

    (Ok, enough time on TK for today, back on the thesis now! Foot in mouth )
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    yes get back to work!!! lol! and good luck girl, you can do it!!!  as I've mentioned before, I am suffering through studying for these CPA exams so I feel your pain (no social life, and no knotting!!)  What sucks is I should have been done a long time ago but I keep failing these exams by the skin of my teeth!!!  We can do it though!!! Stay focused :-)

    I feel the pressure for my girls getting their bridesmaids gowns!! High-Low dresses are in fashion so they have some time, but if they don't agree on a dress I will have to choose one for them...I'm just not finding THE dress the I love for them :-(
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    I hear y'all. I'm not so stressed since I graduated and got a job (even if I'm living with my parents right now :/ ) but I am procrastining like hell and it's getting Fi worked up because now he wants to get it all down like yesterday. He's freaking out more than I am and in like three weeks he goes back to school. I'll probably be feeling it then. Although I guess his uncle is going to take over our "after party" that's a big help. :)

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    @Miliska and Julyet GOOD LUCK!! I can't imagine trying to focus with everything going on. But just keep thinking how amazing it'll feel once it's all over!

    I feel like I've been extremely productive in the past 3 or 4 days! I took today and yesterday off from the office to get some things taken care of. This weekend FI and I went and got/renewed our passports (that in itself is a story/adventure) and met with my aunt who is marrying us and picked the readings we would like for the wedding. Love them! Then yesterday I finally ordered the BMs dresses, found the perfect veil to go with my dress and ordered that, bought all the GMs suits/ties/shirts, found a fantastic dress with my mother for the wedding, ordered my extensions for the wedding, and got the STDs out in the mail finally. 

    I'm sure I have about a zillion more things to be working on but to be honest I'm pretty burnt out after the past few days. Having to coordinate so many people getting measured and trying to get them all to agree on things has been taxing to say the least (especially as we have people in the bridal party all over the place). Fair warning I feel a rant/vent session in my near future Wink haha.  Hope everyone else is doing well on their projects!

    *Side note: I've developed a complete obsession with the Olympics. And not just the exciting events like gymnastics and swimming! As I type I'm flipping between water polo and horse jumping. I may need an intervention...Tongue Out*
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    Good luck with the test and the thesis! I understand how stressful it can be! My fiance is finishing up his teaching certificate after graduating a year and a half ago with a BA. He starts student teaching next week, so he will not have a lot of free time, so I understand what you are going through. He was very involved in the beginning, but I have pretty much taken over all the rest of the planning while he is finishing school. 

    I have been extremely stressed, but I woke up this morning with a new perspective and I think I am going to be finished hand stamping my invitations today! This has been a huge stress for me, so I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Also, we booked our flight for our honeymoon this week! 
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    Wow!! Lots of great progress is being made on wedding related things!!  Thanks for the good luck vibes for my exams...I just want to be done with them!!

    I haven't tuned into the Olympics at all...I haven't tuned into anything exept my Insanity DVD lol!
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