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Can I pull it off?

Hi everyone. I'll just get straight to it. We're supposed to be getting married on February 2 and I literally have nothing done. We were originally just going to go to the courthouse and then have a reception but the judge called last week and said that she was not going to be able to do it on that day. we have had to change our wedding date so many times over the pay two years that I just wanted to do a small wedding on the second. Now I'm wondering if I can really pull it off in this short amount of time. By the way, the 2nd will also be the anniversary of four years together for us. Any suggestions, I'm almost desperate.

Re: Can I pull it off?

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    I think it depends on what you are looking to do!

    First find a justice of the peace that can marry you.  I'm sure you can find one!

    Then you will have to find a place for a reception.  Restaurants may be difficult, but it is possible that one will have a room available.  If you are having a large number of people, it is possible that a hall would be available given the time of year!

    Those are the first two things I would do.  You may have to make sacrifices, but it sounds like the marriage is more important than a wedding!  So go girl!!

    I would make a lists of the basics that you need.  Set a budget rapidly.  Set a guest list.

    Get a dress!!  It may have to be one off the rack, or if a family member or friend has one to lend you, that would work too!

    Once you have a hall or restaurant confirmed you will need to get the word out to people.  Unless you are willing to print your invites ASAP, I would call people.  Explain why you are doing it quickly and hopefully they will be able to make it!  Again, its a Saturday in February, so I don't see many people having plans!

    I will be more than happy to help with thoughts or ideas for things that you need to get done, and it will be a bit crazy, though I think it can be done!

    Do you have thoughts at all to what you want??

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    Thanks Lisa. I think I have a good idea about what I would like. I would have liked to get married outdoors but my church will let us have the ceremony there for free. Also, my uncle will be the officiant. As far as the wedding party goes, I would like to have at least two bridesmaids and two groomsmen, but that's not a guarantee. Our daughter and son will be the flowergirl and ring bearer. We haven't found a reception yet but my mom had offered to find a place and pay for catering. I've found a dress, just have to order it now. That's it so far.
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    You can do it girl!!! I ditto everything Lisa said!  Let us know how it goes!!
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    I would love to hear how it goes!!  Don't forget I'm happy to help with my thoughts or ideas!

    You can do this!!

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    Hi. Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately and fortunately, our wedding had been pushed back because of financial issues right now. I said that I wasn't going to change my date but I also don't want the wedding to be thrown together. I do love that now I have that stress taken away and have more time to plan our day. We're hoping for June of this on the Bama Belle. It's a very nice riverboat. Thanks again.
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    Ohhh a June wedding! Mine was almost going to be last June, but you are right, pushing it back is worth having less stress/pressure! :-D

    Good Luck with everything!!  
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    I think it's better to postpone than to hurry everything together and feel super stressed and like you're missing out, I think you made a good decision. A riverboat sounds awesome!
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    Just hurry up for all things needed. lfn gave you good suggestions and steps to following. Good Luck.
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