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First Dress Try-Ons! *Pics!*

I tried on wedding dresses for the first time today!  I only tried on 5, they didn't have a really huge selection.  I managed to try on a few different styles, and even though I agree with my MOH that we should try another salon as well before I make a decision, I really, REALLY liked the first dress that I tried on.  I was originally nervous about such a fitted dress, but MOH was quoted as saying I have THE hourglass figure, and apparently it makes my butt look good :D  I also don't like the sheer portion, but the employee we worked with said that the salon could remove it, revealing the sweetheart neckline underneath.  I'll update when she sends me the pictures she took.

I am searching for other dresses online, but I noticed that I'm really just searching for this dress again.  Now I just have to drag my mom down here at some point so she can see it too.  I'm excited!

Update: So, MOH sent them to me tonight, and looking at the first dress, I'm tearing up.  I think we have a winner?

(please ignore nasty hair & WTF am I doing with my hands)
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Re: First Dress Try-Ons! *Pics!*

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    YAY! That's awesome!  Can't wait to see the pictures!! Seems like lots of us are finding THE dress on our first shopping trip lol!!  When do you plan on having your second round of shopping?
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    Woot! I can't wait to see the pics.

    I haven't went dress shopping yet. I'm  afraid to commit. :(
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    Julyet: No idea.  Hopefully I can schedule something after Easter but before Mother's Day.  I do the Art & Craft fair circut for my job, so my summer is pretty booked!

    Also, in case my link didn't work in the last post (looks like it didn't?), here's the dress:  http://www.hilaryb.co.uk/justin-alexander/justin-alexander-8596.jpg

    blesstina:  don't be afraid!  I initially just went to see how my figure looked in different sillouettes, so I could at least commit to a neckline, skirt shape, and/or fabric for future searches (there's just so MUCH out there!)
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    Congratulations on finding the dress!
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    The dress is gorgeous!! The lace is so feminine and the back is stunning. I myself haven't gone to try on dresses just yet but will be soon. Please keep us updated as your search continues Smile Good luck!!
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    The dress is gorgeous! I found my dress on the second shopping trip and ended up going with lace too, which I sooo did not think i would want. I absolutely love the back of your dress!
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