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So i went to the bridal store PIP!!

and it's official...I LOVE my dress!!!!  Slight snafu, the dress they ordered felt one size too big!! Rather than pay for how ever many alterations, i decided to exchange it for the next size down.  It won't get here until October :-(  The thing is, I'm a bit nervous about this.  I mean, the dress they ordered did feel big on me, it kept sliding down and exposing the top of my bra.  Also by the hip area, my mother was able to grab a whole fistful of fabric in order to have it fit  the way it's supposed to.  I know I won't gain any weight, but still, what if I do!  I'm just glad that I was able to see it, try it on again and be reminded of why I bought it :-)  it really is me!

 **photos removed** by me! didn't want them lingering around the web :-)
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Re: So i went to the bridal store PIP!!

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