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When is your shower?!

Mine is next weekend, and I'm crazy excited to see everyone! Kinda early, but it works. Anyone else's shower coming up soon?
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Re: When is your shower?!

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    I doubt it...I think it will be in January or even in Feb a few weeks before we leave for the wedding!  My MOH is trying to keep it a surprise but she's been prodding to find out what I would like to have lol!

    Can't wait to hear your recap and see pics!!

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  • Mine is going to be in January I think. Have fun at yours!!
    Best of luck to you and yours!

    Feb 22, 2013
  • How exciting! Mine will be the second weekend in January! 
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    Mine is Dec 1st.Laughing
    I wanted it a little eariler such as in Nov,but my sis/MOH just had my nephew 2 weeks ago. She needs some time to heal. Smile I can't wait!Laughing

    Enjoy your bridal shower ladies
  • Mine is next weekend too! So excited :)
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  • Bridal showers isn't a important tradition in the French part of Canada, so I won't have one. I honestly don't mind, since I've never been to one for any of my friends or relatives who got married in the last years.

    But don't you worry : we DO have bachelorette parties over here. My MOH and some of my bridesmaids asked me what I would like (or wouldn't like) for that celebration, and I'm really excited to spend a day or an evening with my close girlfriends! :)

    I can't wait though to see pictures of your showers, ladies! I love all wedding-related events, and I'm looking forward seing pictures of these happy moments! :)
  • I think my MOH is planning a bridal shower during the late afternoon early evening and then continuing with the bachelorette party that night for anyone that wants to get down and dirty lol!
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    I wasn't planning on having one. I have never been to one and I didn't think that everyone would be able to go. My parents friends (people that I have grown up. Closer to some than others.) are in Phoenix and my friends are in Tucson. But one of my BM's mom really wanted to throw one for me. So mine will be sometime in January as well. My BM and I decided to throw the shower in Phoenix where they live since I'm having the Bachelorette party in Tucson. This way I can celebrate with both sets of people. 
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  • December 1st Smile
  • Nov 18th - so close!!
  • My mother and God-Mother threw one for me last Sunday, November 4th back in my childhood hometown.

    My MOH and bridesmaids are hosting one for me on Saturday, November 17th in my current city.
  • I think mine is just in the starting stages of planning, but my MOH is aiming for January.  Hopefully earlier in the month, so family members travelling in to this area for the holidays can attend while they're here.

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