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Craft Night!!

So time feels like it's been flying by and July is right around the corner!! I'm just now realizing how much I really have left to do. So, myself and two of my best girlfriends (also conveniently bridesmaids of mine) decided a week ago to get together and have a girls night/craft night. All three of us are planning our weddings (theirs are in August and October) and figured what better way to get some DIY stuff done than with wine, some chick flicks, and other creative brides to be!! I feel like I've really been lacking motivation to get things done with the weather being so wonderful and being under the illusion that there is still tons and tons of time. It probably doesn't help that we have 6....yes 6 weddings from between the beginning of June and our wedding date.

Anyway, I've seen many people on here mention they are way ahead of the game on things. I'm going dress shopping July 2nd for myself (feeling super behind there) and also need to get the bridesmaids dresses and groomsmen outfits situated. Other than that we have the cake to do and what feels like a zillion little things. Anyone else feeling the time crunch yet??

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Re: Craft Night!!

  • I'm feeling the time crunch. We pretty much have everything booked but I feel like im falling behind on some DIY stuff. I think I may have some craft nights soon. We are also having trouble contacting our priest. He had surgery a little while back so hasn't been at the church but I know we have to start our pre-marital counseling soon. So I have been a little stressed about that.
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  • I'm starting to stress more now that my mother refuses to work on my wedding dress so I can't wear it and now have to save up some money and try and find a new one. Also,  Fi's uncle and new wife are expecting a baby (Yay!!!) and is thought to be due around our wedding, which means they may not be there (they live in Arizona) and he's one of the GM and we were looking forward to seeing them again. :( So we'll see if Fi wants to move the date back (been talking about it). :/

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  • KatZ: Its good that you have friends to help you with everything! 

    I am definitely starting to feel overwhelmed. I've been having some bridesmaid stresses from one of my friends and then also some car issues to add to everything. My mom decided that it would be a good idea to sit down and list every single little thing that I still need to do and what I have done. Some things can't even be done until right before the wedding like the seating chart and escort cards. Then she kept telling me we needed to get most of it done by August because that is when she goes back to work (she is a school nurse) and then she won't have any time to do any of it. So frustrating and made me very overwhelmed. I'm hoping things get calmed down soon.
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  • I'm sort of lucky b/c I preselected my wedding package from what my venue offers but I do feel like I need to get going (have to send them certain documents for the ceremony and choose the actual location ie: garden or indoor reception etc)  I feel like I have so much time to do these things that it may backfire and I will be scrambling at the last minute to get everything submitted to the wedding coordinator!
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