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Bridesmaids! :)

Hi everyone! I posted on here a while ago, but I am just now really getting started on planning my 2/17/2013 wedding.

Our colors are navy blue and pink, and I was hoping to get some advice about what to have my bridesmaids wear! If the weather isn't too bad, we will be having the wedding outdoors (It is in Florida, so February could be 80 degrees or 28 degrees...definitely risky, but I've always wanted an outdoor wedding).
I want them to wear navy dresses, and I was thinking I'd have them wear light pink shawls, carry pink flowers and wear silver shoes. Does that sound like an ok combination, or would pink shoes be better? I thought having them pick whatever silver shoes they wanted would cut down on their costs. I found this photo on google and it looks like what I was thinking-- 

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Re: Bridesmaids! :)

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    Hello!!  Ohhh I like the navy dresses with the pink shawls!  I think silver shoes would look good with it (not pink).  If I can think of another color shoe I'd let you know!

    Welcome back to the board!
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    Thanks! :)
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    I think that it sounds great! Those colors are nice together.

    I have a similar dilemma with the weather. I'm in Arizona, so it should be around the 60s-70s, but there was snow up by my venue a few weeks ago, so who knows. We almost never have snow, so hopefully it was just a fluck this year. Hopefully the weather works out well for both of us!
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    I think the colors would looks fab together! I am also on the same boat too! We are getting married Feb 16th in South Florida (we live in Alaska but I grew up in FL) so it definitely is risky BUT I also am willing to risk it for an outdoor wedding :)
    I think the light pink adds a little softness to the navy dresses, specially for spring. Its going to look wonderful!
    We jus started planning too and just hired a coordinator to help us since we're about 5,000 miles away. Good luck planning! :)
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    I love navy and pink. Navy dresses with pink shawls and silver shoes sounds beautiful.  
    FI and I decided last night on a marine blue/navy and a hot pink/fuscia for our 2/10/13 wedding.  He's thinking brown should be a 3rd color....I'm thinking silver.  We'll see what happens.  
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    We're date twins!  Definitely silver shoes. 
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