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Bridesmaids dresses....check!! (PIP)

I am SO excited to have this finished!!! Having girls in different states (as well as me) made this a somewhat stressful experience, because I wanted to make sure they all were loving the dresses they chose. From the start I was loving the idea of different bridesmaids dresses, and had unrealistic expectations from the beginning of what it would take to make this a cohesive look. For a lot of people this idea is ridiculous and against tradition but thats just me. But I'm very happy to say that I think we pulled it off and I couldn't be happier! YAY! How are you girls doing with this?

Re: Bridesmaids dresses....check!! (PIP)

  • Congrats on getting that check done! :) That's always a fun one to work out.

    I've gotten 2/3 of my girls with dresses. Fi hates how we're doing it, but I like it and so do my girls. :) Each gets to pick any chiffon, knee-length dress in their color range (each one is wearing a different color as well). A little complicated but I think it'll turn out well.

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  • Awesome!! I am still on the hunt for a high-low dress for my girls...it's just my two sisters so it shouldn't be that hard, I am just having issues with finding this style in a color that I find fitting for the wedding!
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  • Julyet06 Have you checked out http://www.twobirdsbridesmaid.com? They have a "butterfly" length that is similar to a high-low dress in a whole lot of colors! What colors were you thinking?

  • Just went and tried on dresses this past Friday with my girls. They are all wearing the same dress and it looked so nice on all of them. I gave them until August 5th to order so the rest is up to them. I can't believe how fast time is going by.
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  • We are going August 4th. Very excited! 
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  • i'll have to check out that site...haven't really decided on a color, but I saw some really nice multicolor dresses at david's bridal that didn't come in the sizes we needed :-(  i want something tropical and fun!  oranges, purples whatever lol!  i am not having a set color scheme for the wedding.
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  • Your dresses are beautiful! Very elegant. 
    I just recently decided on mine too. I wanted something light and airy since its outside in the springtime in FL. J Crew has some really pretty dresses. I chose 5 different styles (in the same color though) so my 3 girls would have a choice. They all ended up liking the same style so that made my life easier lol. 
    I chose the Arabelle in the graphite color:

    I am so excited! :)
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