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Am I too emotional?

Hi Ladies! I'm just wondering do any of y'all cry when you watch a romantic comedy or anything pertaining to weddings?? I have truly cried way too much even on the movie the vow I cried like a newborn baby!! I was wondering am I too emotional? or is this common in engaged women??
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Re: Am I too emotional?

  • LOL. One of my bridesmaids came over and we watched a whole bunch of My Fair Wedding episodes, and I swear I cried at all of them!
  • Lol!  I haven't found myself crying, I've found that I get soo happy and can't wait for when it's me...that being said I think it''s totally normal for you to cry!!  It's sweet :-)
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  • LOL after I got engaged I became even worse than my usual sobbing self!! One time I found myself bawling my eyes out while watching Kung Fu Panda 2 HAHA! Embrace it! This time in our life only happens once!

  • OKAY!! Thanks.. I thought my emotions were off!! I'm so happy that I cry at everything!!
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