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Booked the Honeymoon!!!

Yesterday FI and I finally decided to book the honeymoon! So excited to have this all taken care of. We will be staying at the Sandals Negril for a week after the wedding. The best part is FMIL is a travel agent for businesses and contacted a friend to see if they could get us a deal and she pulled through big time! She got us an upgraded room with butler service. Beyond excited to get away with my then husband, especially during what will likely be cold New England weather. I may have about a billion other things to get going on but at least the honeymoon is a CHECK! Now I suppose we need to get on re-newing our passports asapSmile
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Re: Booked the Honeymoon!!!

  • Yay for finished checks!! :) That's awesome that you got a deal for your HM. :)

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  • YAY!!! GREAT check!! When will you be there?!? That's where my wedding/honeymoon is going to be!!!  We couldn't afford the butler service, but we got a honeymoon concierge room  :-D  I am so happy for you!!!  Also I now have a buddy to discuss possible excursions with!!
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  • Julyet- we'll be there from Feb 4th to the 11th. I'm looking into excursions now actually! 3 people have told me to do the waterfall climb because it's absolutely gorgeous. My mother keeps joking that she's going to buy FI and I the dolphin experience as a gift because she thinks the photos would be hiliarious. I'll keep you posted if I find any good deals/trips!!

    Hope- Thanks! I'm thrilled she was able to get us such a good deal. FI and I haven't been able to afford a full out vacation in a long long time.

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  • Darn we will just miss each other!! I am there Feb 16 - Feb 24...yes please do keep me in the know re excursions!  I definitely want to do a waterfall thing, was looking into Dunn's River Falls but that's in Ocho Rios which I think is kind of far although I do hear good things.  I also have to find some sort of swimming with ______ adventure, esp for FI.  If I can't find swimming with sharks, then dolphins would have to do :-D  I did that once with my sister and it was great!  I thought I would be the scardy cat b/c she was so brave leading up to it.  When we got to it, I was the brave one! haha!

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