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February Wedding without the Valentine's day

So we decided to get married February 11th. I would LOVE to have a wedding that DID NOT reflect Valentine's Day whatsoever.
I'm not sure if I should plan a winter-type wedding, or spring, and I refuse to have any red's or pinks in my wedding.

Any ideas?

Re: February Wedding without the Valentine's day

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    It really just depends on your style, If your a adventurous type a person electric blue and purple look good together. Sounds weird I know but those color are really hot right now.
    But I would have to say teal, silver and white are def. my favorite. You can do it as a winter theme spring or summer reguarles of the month.!
    Hope that help.
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    You dont' have to have a Valentine's Day wedding. We are getting married Feb 16. Our colors are dark purple and dark red, but there will be nother Valentiney about our wedding. I agree with miap23, it just depends on your style. 
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    You'll find so many girls here with their wedding date close to Valentine's (me included! I'm the 16th, two days after) and I'm not touching hearts, red, or cupid with a ten-foot pole. Everything important about Valentine's day quite frankly is already implied just by being at the wedding! My colors are white, gray, gold, and neutral tones (but mostly white). 

    As for season, you are getting married in the wintertime. There is no question about that! But theres no rule that says you have to make it a winter wonderland. I'm going more for a cozy rustic feel. Do what you like and what you are drawn to!
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    I'm February 16th too!!

    We are going with a bright purple with hints of lime green and silver!

    No need to think red at all!  Go with what you like!  Seems like we all have with dates near Valentine's Day!
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    I haven't officially introduced myself but we're getting married Feb 11 too. We're doing peacock colors (teal, purple, gold).
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    Our wedding is February 2 and we went for more of a winter theme. We are using navy, grey, and white as our colors.

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    I'm February 9 - we're doing winter wonderland - blues, cool purples, and sparkly. We saw a blue and purple dendrobium orchid and fell in love with it. There are lots of options that aren't Valentines. My girls are in cobalt blue and so are the boys.
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    Mine is Feb 9 and we are going to New Orleans for Mardi Gras for our honeymoon so we are doing purple, green, and gold. The bridesmaids are wearing purple, the tables will be draped in green, and the programs are gold. Everything else accents those three colors.
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