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Bridal Shower Drama - just venting...

This is going to sound terrible, but I was talking with my sister over the weekend about the bridal shower she is planning for me.  (I hate surprises!)  Anyway she asked for a list of people to invite, I asked her, how many and she said 20.

20!!  How can I give her a list of only 20 people? 

I was so upset, and I know that I shouldn't be and I should just appreciate anything that she is going to throw for me..... but with the list that I have given her, none of my friends outside of my wedding party will be invited!! 

I will therefore have a shower with just family.  Not that it is a bad thing, but I would have liked to be able to invite my friends.  I'm so frustrated.

From the begining I told her that I didn't want anything fancy, I'm a pizza and wings kind of girl, so I'm thinking that my mom would rather do something fancy, hence the small head count.  Stupid shower!!

I know it makes me sound like a big old biatch, and I'm not usually like this.  So I know I just need to keep my mouth shut on the topic.  I feel awful that I feel upset about it!! 

Anyway, just needed to vent, thanks ladies!

Re: Bridal Shower Drama - just venting...

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    Aw, sorry about that.  Maybe talk to whoever is planning your bachlorette party (even if its a suprise, you probably know of its exsistance) that you'd want a few of these extra friends to be there, too.  You might have a lot more fun hanging out with them over drinks than sitting around opening gifts with grandma.

    FWIW, my bach is going to be a suprise and I think my shower is too, and its bugging me a little because I also don't like suprises (and I'm worried that my MOH doesn't know my relatives and won't invite people important to me if I'm not asked about a list!)

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    Thank you!!  You're right, I would probably have more fun hanging out with my friends over cocktails, I didn't think about it this way, and now I feel a bit better!

    Much appreciated!


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