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February 2013 Weddings

First tears over wedding planning

So my father passed away four years ago, and it has been my dream to drive to my wedding in his 1956 Chevy that I have forced my mother to keep all these years.

I always thought it would be like him taking me to the wedding in lieu of walking down the ailse.

Of course it is in the shop and we get the call today that it's not going to be able to be fixed in time for our wedding next week.

And to make matters worse, I can not find a limo service to do a one way drop off on a Saturday.

Super awesome. 

Re: First tears over wedding planning

  • Aw don't fret :(

    I know this news must be devastating for you. But regardless of the car, your father will be with you walking you down the aisle in spirit. I'm sure he's always with you and couldn't be happier for you.

    As far as the limo goes, I would scour the internet and keep searching. It took me so many phone calls to find what I wanted for the right price, probably over 35 to be exact (no joke). Are there just none available for next week because its so close for the date? Or just none that provide the service? I can't imagine there being NO limo companies that won't do a one-way drop off. I'm having that done for mine. 

    Take some deep breaths, it'll be okay. You still have a week to figure it out. Hugs!

  • Awww :-( I am so sorry about the car, that was an awesome idea!  Keep trying for a limo, someone's got to be able to make a one way drop off!  Even with a weeks notice.

    I agree w/ pp that your father will definitely be there with you, perhaps you can take something of his if you still have like a tie and use it to wrap the stem of your bouquet, or a photo of him?  Just some ideas if you wanted something tangible to represent him with you :-)

    Hang in there girlie, ((hugs))
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  • Thanks ladies, I very much appreciate your kind words!!
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