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Registering at only one place?

My fiance and I combined living situations last month and spent A LOT of time selling/tossing things we didn't need. Well we went to Bed Bath and Beyond last weekend to register and it was hard to find things that we needed or even wanted. We also don't have a lot of extra room for things. We originally wanted to register at two places but decided to stop at just one. I've never heard of anyone registering at one place. Is that normal? And is it normal to feel like you don't NEED anything?

Re: Registering at only one place?

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    Hi and welcome! The perspective I'm about to give you is one that isn't supported at TK by most of its contributors, just a FYI. But this worked for me and I've received nothing but positive responses from my friends and family.

    Our living situation is very unique--we live in the middle of nowhere (seriously, I have to order my makeup online) and we're having our wedding on the east coast. We've been living together for two years, have all the domestic stuff we could need/want that isn't incredibly expensive, and don't want to acquire too much more because we're trying to move hopefully in the next couple of years. So we registered at Crate and Barrel for a small amount of items, and also created a registry at Sandals for our honeymoon in Antigua. For us this makes the most sense. I'd much rather receive a contribution towards a tropical vacation than another frying pan I don't need!

    Don't worry about "normal"! A lot of people will say that it's tacky to essentially create a cash registry even though it IS going towards something tangible for us. If you end up feeling the same way, the alternative is to not register anywhere and let people give you the gifts they'd like to, which usually is money. But there are a lot of alternatives out there to normal registries too: some photographers offer an option for guests to purchase "credits" for the couple to use in purchasing prints after the wedding, www.hatchmyhouse.com is a registry for contributing towards saving for a house, creating an amazon wishlist, or you could even ask people to donate any contribution to a charity of your choice! 

    I'd say stop at the one registry, but it sounds like you're unhappy with your options. For the record, I know brides that have only registered at one place and it worked out fine! Do what feels right for you and your fiance. Good luck!

  • I don't think I've done anything that would be considered "normal" wedding wise...and I probably have broken a lot of ettiquette rules and you know what?  I couldn't care less!  lol!! Do what you want.  I have registered at 3 places even though FI and I have lived together for 2 years, we do not have everything that we "want"...I mean, we have the necessities but we recently moved and there are plenty of things that I feel would be nice to have...We have registered for kitchen gadgets, home decor and other what nots that I found interesting.

    I think it's okay to register at one place as long as you have enough items to allow your guests a variety of items (and price ranges) to choose from, or maybe register for gift cards to your favorite home stores (or restaurants?), the honeymoon idea is a good one too.  If none of this is appealing, maybe you can ask guests to make a donation to your favorite charity or one of their choice?

    I'm just thinking off the top...good luck in whatever you decide!
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  • If you don't want "stuff," you could just make a small registry. People will most likely give cash or gift cards. We don't NEED anything, but my registry is full of Wish List items. The kitchen is my sanctuary, and this is my chance to make it my own. It's of a personal thing, this is FI's second marriage and most of the house stuff, while lovely, was picked out by him and his first wife, so this is my chance to personalize at least one room. So it's all about upgrades for us.
  • I know a lot of people who just register at one location. We registered at two places, just because my fiance's family lives in a place where Bed, Bath, and Beyond's are very rare. So we did the bulk of our registry at BBY and a small registry at Walmart. We are in the opposite situation from you, though, so there are a lot of things we are registering for. We have been living together for 2 years, but we combined our crappy, college stuff. We are moving three months after we get married to a bigger, newer, nicer place and need many things. 

    I agree with PP that a small registry at one place is perfectly fine and that people will probably give cash and gift cards.
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    I will second (the oh so controversial) honeymoon registry!!!   I love it and have not heard anything negative from family and friends either, most think it is a totally unique idea and like the idea of giving FI and I an experience.  

    I did include a traditional registry as well, just in case some people do not like the idea of the honeymoon registry or for my older/less tech savy family hehe.

    I can totally relate to the feeling of not "needing" anything either.  FI have lived to gether for 3 years in a small condo that is already filled to the seams.  I feel bad, but all the traditional gifts we get are just going to sit in his parent's attic until we have a larger place.

  • We're probably going to end up with 3 very small registries, one for fancy kitchen stuff/dishes, another for basic sheets and towels, and an Amazon registry with non-traditional stuff we both like (mostly international stuff).  I guess we don't "need" all of it, but it'll be nice to upgrade from our "cheap and missmatched but does the job" college housewares.

    A small registry is supposed to be a subtle, ettiquette-appropriate way of saying that you'd prefer cash, while giving those that would rather get you a physical gift a few options.  The only thing you might need to think about is if anyone is going to throw you a bridal shower, since the point is to "shower" the bride with gifts.  I'm trying to steer my MOH in to a "recipe shower" or something like that, where guests won't clear out my registries!
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  • I am only doing one registry as well, at Macys. I have lived with my fiance for almost 2 years and we have everything we need and would rather not get pointless stuff. My maid of honor sent out a little insert with my bridal shower invites saying in a very tasteful way that we have lived together for a while and dont need much and would love money towards our honeymoon but I am registered at macys :)
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