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Happy Friday!!

Any wedding related plans for the weekend??

I am hoping to set on a design for my invitations.  I figured something simple would be sufficient and less stressful so I created a few designs on weddingpaperdivas.com, one of which I like best and also found an even simpler one on zazzle.com.  I may go with the ones I found on zazzle, the are plain but elegant and I can add my own ribbon to them and try to incorporate seashell's or something that can represent the beach/jamaica/paradise lol!  I'd like to hit a craft store and see what ideas come to me :-)  Not sure if that will happen this weekend b/c I would like to relax and study hard after a long week of work and play.

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Re: Happy Friday!!

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    Good luck with the invitations! I recently used zazzle to make invites for a Bachelor/Bachelorette party and they came out awesome! They were very quick and inexpensive. You'll have to post some pics if you start work on them Smile

    As for my plans, FI and I are going to get passports tomorrow which should be interesting. FI has never had one and mine apparently expired a year or two ago (good thing I checked!). We had to make appointments to get in on a Saturday and the postal worker I talked to last week to book it was...well...less than pleasant. *fingers crossed* that things go smoothly.

    I'm hoping to send out the save the dates finally and get on the last GM and BM to get their measurements in this weekend. We'll see how that goes. Aside from that I hope to be a lazy bum with a glass of wine watching some Olympics!

    In other news; last night FI and I went to Jos A Bank with 5 of the GMs and figured out suits/tie/shirts/etc. Woo! We decided to go with suits because the sale there was buy 1 get 3 free which is insane. So for FI, 6 GM, and my father we got $600+ suits, dress shirts, and ties for each around $185 a piece. How can you beat that?! Plus then they get to keep them, and we figured who doesn't need a great suit?
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  • wow, that is and awesome sale on the suits!!!  It is true, men should have at the very least one really good suit!

    Wine and the olympics sound great!  I wish I can do that all weekend lol! I will get in some relaxation this weekend but I have to study as well...maybe I will have some wine after my study sessions!!

    Good Luck with the passports!  It's hit or miss with these postal workers, so i hope whoever does help you is in a good mood tomorrow!  My FI and I got our passports for the first time 2 years ago b/c we were going on a cruise.  Even though you didn't need one for sea travel, it just made it easier in the way of identification :-)  Good thing you are doing it well in advance.  I got my passport super fast (well, in about a month) but my FI had to submit additional paperwork, like they needed more proof that he was who he said he was and a US citizen!  Ultimately, he got the passport and most of his original documents back.  Just an FYI of what can happen, I hope both of your applications go through smoothly!!
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  • I unfortunately don't have really any time this weekend for wedding stuff. I'm at the point right now where I feel like I need another day in the week or another few hours in each day to get wedding stuff done. I have been working a lot and then when I'm not working I'm trying to get stuff around the house done and shopping and such. I have to work all weekend unfortunately. I've been slowly working on my invitations, so I would love to have time for those. 

    Next weekend is a big weekend for me though. My girls and I are going BM dress shopping!! I'm excited and hoping it will be fun!

    Good luck you guys with your invitations. I know how difficult it is to find one that you like, that works for you, and that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.
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  • I finished designing my wedding invitations and my parents 25th party invitations as well. :) Other than that, not much WR.

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  • That's great!! let's see some pics!!
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  • Soon as I can get my laptop and internet to play nice ago. :)

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