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have planned so far? : ) 

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  • I'm about to sign the contract for my venue (Toronto, Marriott, Bloor Yrkville) which includes, ceremony, reception, food, alcohol, and decor.
    Beyond that, I just have details of what I want to do, such as how I want my hair, using a photobooth, which pictures I want taken, what types of appetizers I want to serve, and the little extras of the day. - Off the top of my head
    I'm a little crazy obsessive with planning and I've written out a timeline for the wedding, including vendor start and end times so I can determine which packages suit me best.
    The weirdest thing I have planned is I've written out a script for the ceremony.

    Looking forward to other's responses!
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  • LOL, I forgot to say in my original post - I also have my dress! I got it right at the beginning of July on my one and only dress shopping trip.
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  • Oh, wow! I am so behind you girls. I can't believe you both have your dresses already! : )
  • I'm using silk flowers and I already have those, that's all I have done so far. I don't plan on doin anything for at least another 10 months.
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  • I have booked the church and have toured a venue that I am going to use, I just haven't put the deposit down on that. In the next few months I will be putting a deposit down on the photographer, caterer, and florist. I plan on actively looking for my wedding dress after the first of the year. I did go and try on a few dresses because there was a trunk show I wanted to go to, and I did find one I loved, but I want to look a bit more and I don't want to buy it too early.

  • I have done NOTHING except keep track of all the things and ideas I come up with!!!  We are thinking about getting married in Monterey, CA and if we do, I want to make a trip up there after the holidays to look at venues.  I have looked at dresses and actually found 1 I really, really liked, but decided to hold off on buying my dress.

    My plan is to really start planning after the holidays at the beginning of the new year.  I'm super excited to start too!!!  Smile
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  • Lots of planning - Getting prices, checking venues online, general poking around.
    Haven't set anything in stone yet! :)
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  • Hey girls!!! I have the church and venue booked. I plan on hiring the photographer and florist every soon. I realized that if you book the venues earlier, you are able to split your payments to smaller deposits. As for the dress, I plan on looking around March or June.  
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  • Wow, you guys have all done so much already.  All I've done are come up with ideas and etc.  I am just now starting to look at venues.  I have appointments to try on dresses, but I'm thinking about rescheduling them for next year.  I'm afraid that I might change my mind since there is so much time before the wedding.
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  • I've booked the church, and we're doing the reception in the basement.  I'm purchasing some decor stuff, designing my centerpieces, trying on dresses, pretty much finished the guest list...
    I've done a lot, but it's a lot of little things.  I have a feeling that once I start having to address invitations and put things together during school, I'll feel like I didn't do enough!
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