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The ball is rolling...

We just booked our venue and found our perfect photographer!  This is going to be a fun 2 years :)

I'm curious when everyone is planning on beginning to search for vendors, etc.  Venue and photographer I wanted to get out of the way early, but we plan to wait at least another 8 months before doing anything else.

Re: The ball is rolling...

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    We booked our venue and wedding coordinator. We're looking to book the photographer by christmas, and DJ by easter of 2011.

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  • We just got engaged a little less than 3 weeks ago, but I have started the planning process full force!! As soon as we chose a date, I started looking online for venues. I set up appointments and met with two places this week. My fiance cannot travel to MD (where we will be getting married) until next month, so we will choose a venue and book it hopefully. Other than that, the only things I have decided on are wedding colors, bridesmaid dresses, and favors. We have chosen a few ideas for the wedding cake, too. As for photographer, videographer, etc., we are definitely going to wait a few months to book them. I think it's a little early now, and plus we won't even need our engagement pictures to place on our save-the-dates until July 2011, which is when I hope to send them out. Hope that helps and good luck with your planning!
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  • We have had our venue and church booked for about 3 months now. My next goal is to start dress shopping, and photographer shopping as well! I love that we have so much time, I feel like it gives us a chance to weigh all of our options before we make a decision!
  • So far i've just been shopping around online.There are so many chocies in san diego area. I could be looking for awhile
  • I'm probably crazy! but we have are venue and photographer booked, they are both really busy and already had reservations in 2012 so I wanted to make sure we had that booked.  I actually just put a deposit on my dress because i was worried that they would stop making it as it is a 2009 design.  And were working on our wedding planner now!
  • I have not done anything yet, mostly just been looking around. My fiance has a deployment coming up for just a few months and I do not want to do any of the planning without him. Once he gets back we will surley get the ball rolling. I am so happy to finally do something that is associated with my wedding! =-)
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  • We have had our venue and church booked for about 4 months now. I'm planning on booking my florist next week and photographer very soon! I'm really enjoying having time to plan the wedding and not having to stress or rush anything. Happy planning girls :)

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  • I haven't booked anything yet, but I have created a spreadsheet and put together a binder that I am keeping track of ideas things I like.  We have discussed the type and scale of the wedding we want and have even roughed out a guest list.  We just moved into our new home and are busy unpacking and trying to settle in.  I figure I'll start making more specific plans after the holidays. 
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