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Have any of you ladies been to a wedding where the dog was the rind bearer, or plan to do this yourself?
My fiance and I are planning to have our 2 dogs (lhasa apso and boxer) in our wedding, but the boxer is only going to be 1 year old at that time. We have been getting suggestions about giving them a light tranquilizer or banadryl, but we aren't sure we want to do this. I am thinking we will just have someone take them to the park for a good run before the wedding, this way they will be sleepy (and will have a bath before the ceremony lol). 
Do you ladies have any suggestions? I am sure they will be fine during the ceremony, we just want to ensure they are SUPER hyper. 
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Re: Dog as ringbearer

  • We didn't do this but the concerns I have are
    1. Have you gotten the 100% Okay from your venue to do this? 
    Many venues don't allow pets. 

    2. How often are they around a ton of people? YOu can practice them walking to you 10000 times, but when they feel the spotlight is on them from a bunch of people they can easily freeze up. If you're bent on doing this, you should get a group of people to stand in an aisle-like formation to practice this. 

    3. Are you SURE this won't freak your dogs out? My mom and I have trained/shown dogs for years so our dogs are great being around people, shows off for people, calm and great with commands in private as well as public, but that's not the case with many people. Please don't put your dogs in uncomfortable situations just for the cuteness factor :/ 
    If you think they would need a tranq because of anxiety, I think you should cut this idea out. 
    If you are just worried about them being too energetic, then yeah a good long run outdoors will help...

    4. DO you have a plan for after the ceremony? Will someone be able to take them back home, can they stay in the hotel, do they have to stay in someone's vehicle (<-- which brings up the safety of that situation), etc? Make sure to have a set plan regarding that. 
  • I haven't been to a wedding with dogs in the WP, but I would be a little hesitant, especially with a young 1-yr old dog.  FTL made great points.  My biggest worries would be about how the dogs would react with the crowd, how they would behave during the ceremony (if it was a long ceremony,etc), and how they would get to/from the venue.
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    We are doing this, with all 4.. yes I said 4... of our dogs.  We have a dog handler who will be assisting us in handling them the day of, and coming a few times a week for 2 weeks prior to the wedding to walk and play with them.  We are having our briday party (men) walk each dog.  I think it is worth its weight in gold to have someone there to handle the pups.  She will be walking and playing with them for an hour or so prior to the ceremony as well, and then she will take them home for us afterwards. 

    Good luck!!
  • We are having our 5yo English Bulldog as our ringbearer. Our ceremony and reception will be at Hotel Deca. While they aren't a pet friendly hotel (for overnight stays) they said it wouldn't be a problem at all if Jax was there for the ceremony. We were sooo excited at this news, as he is very much a part of our family! I agree with the above about giving the tranq...if it gets to be necessary, maybe its not such a good idea. If they can handle it without then I say go for it! Hope it works for you!
  • Thanks ladies!
    To reply to FTL, yes we did get the 100% yes from the venue, that was one of my very first questions before we put the deposit down. 
    Our dogs are great around crowds and are very friendly, they aren't anxious just energetic, which is why I think the park for a few runs will help. I don't think I need traqs, thats just what people have suggested (which I really don't want to do). 
    As for a plan yes, we will be having an attendant for them throughout the ceremony. They will NOT be stored in a car (thats something I would NEVER do). The property is completely fenced in, and we will have a designated spot to keep them once we all finish up with ceremony and photos. I think it will work out, I am just mostly concerned with getting them to the park fo ra few funs. I am very excited to have them there are they ar eboth such a big part of our little family. Thanks for all the ideas ladies!
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