June 2012 Weddings

Job loss... :(

Last night Chad found out that they are closing his store. He is one of the managers, and has been there since they opened. He is totally freaking out right now, and I don't know what to do! He has a substantial amount in his savings account and can live off of that for over a year if he has to. Last night, one of the fist things he did was cancel his Gamefly account. (Which he has had for years, that I recently asked him about, and he refused to cancel it because of the perks he gets, which was fine...) He didn't even think twice about it, just up and cancelled it. That drastic action made ME freak out! I know this is really stupid, but I am afraid he is going to put a damper on the wedding!  He is in such a mood, I am scared to even peep anything about it! (I know this sounds selfish, but the wedding is not going to put us in the poor house. It would just be him freaking out about the situation....)

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