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April 2012 Weddings

Holiday Plans?

so what's everyone doing for the holidays?

Christmas eve is just FI and I.  Christmas day his parents are coming up and I'm leaving about an hour after they get here to see my dad and his side of the family.  Then Monday after we're going up to Ocala to see my mom and stepdad.  My cousin, who's in the military will be here on a 4 day pass, so we're hoping we get to see her.

Merry Christmas!!

Re: Holiday Plans?

  • We're doing a whole lot of nothing...but working!! BOO!!  I am on call starting tomorrow 7 days straight because the other RN i work with took off, so that left me, and FI volunteered to work for the holiday pay and so that others with kids can spend time with their families.  I'm going to NC to see my family for the new year and FI's family is more worried about seeing his sister since she has 2 kids, so we probably wont see them at all.  But just being with my FI will make me happy!
  • I'm visiting some family a few hours out of town Wed-Thurs, then celebrating Friday, church service Sat, and working 11-7 Sun at my gas station job. Yay for double time on Christmas! I love working not only for the pay, but I'm allowed to wear a Santa hat and the kids love it. And it's never that busy. Just people coming in for milk, eggs, cigs, and batteries. 
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  • My BIL works Xmas at Safeway for the double time pay (although my sister is torn on whether she wants the cash or him around on Xmas). 

    I recently took over scheduling at work, so I scheduled myself a 4 day weekend.  ha!  Actually, it just worked out that way (seriously), but I'll take it!

    Christmas Eve we're having some friends over for dinner at our house...and I am so excited to cook all day!   Christmas Day we'll head to my parents house, since they only live 15 miles from us, and then the day after Xmas, I'm FINALLY taking my BMs out dress shopping!  One lives across the state and hasn't been home since me and FI got engaged, so I'm really excited to see her and get my girls some dresses!
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  • MBS- that's so nice of you to work so others can be with their kids.  Do you get holiday pay for just being on call?

    Em- sounds like you got a packed Christmas weekend!
  • I just can't wait until it's over. 
    I guess I'm that girl who hates this time of year.

    The only positive I can think of is the weather. And the fact that I haven't had to mow my lawn for a month!


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