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Hair and Makeup Prices

Just out of curiousity, how much are you guys paying for your hair and makeup?  I just got a quote from our wedding planner and I'm not really sure what is reasonable/normal.

They are saying $75 travel fee, $135 for hair, $135 for makeup (with lashes)

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Re: Hair and Makeup Prices

  • It's going to vary greatly by where you live; my makeup is $110 for airbrush and I'm not sure about hair (my moms paying) but probably around $125.

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    Agreed, it will vary by area. Mine is going to be $90 total per person. It'd be more if we utilized her on-location services, but it's easier and cheaper to have it done at her house at trial prices. This is just regular makeup, not airbrush, and hair.
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  • Hair: $50 for the consultation, $80 day of (onsite, not going to the salon)
    Makeup: $75 for consultation, $100 for day of (onsite, lashes $10 extra, regular makeup not airbrush)

    This is in Central PA, but my stylists are from closer to Philly.
  • I'm not getting an updo...I'm doing either all down or half up/half down so I am not being charged as much...same with my girls, none of them want updos.

    They are charging us $60 for hair & makeup at my salon. It is normally $40 for half up/half down and $35 for a makeup application but for bridal parties they give a discount if you get both services done. We are also doing manicures which is normally $15 but they are charging us $10 for each.

    We are going to the salon though. No one is coming to us. At my salon they do lashes as part of the makeup application but you need to provide them.
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  • My hair is going to be $35 and my makeup should just be cost of supplies or free. One of my BMs is my Mary Kay person and the reason I even started wearing make up. She's doing it for me.
  • My hair will be around $50 I think. Makeup: I'm doing myself 
  • For hair and makeup mine will be about 75
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    My hair is $75 and make-up is $70 ($60 for the trial and for BMs). Both of mine are local
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  • I agree that it varies greatly by area. Mine is $120 for hair, airbrush makeup, and lashes. My trial isn't included though and I think is another $120. Bridesmaids are $110 for hair and airbrush makeup or $100 for hair and traditional makeup. There's also a $75 travel fee. Wow, I just realized how expensive all that is when you put it all together, haha.
  • I would seriously curl up in a ball and die if I had to pay what some of you are paying for this.
  • Hair: $35
    Makeup: $50; Trial was $25

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  • Hair and make up, with trials, on site = $275 for me

    Most people are around the same price here.  There is one artist I know who is $350 for the same (hair and makeup with trials), but she's the outlier.
  • If I go who I'm having my hair trial with on Thursday, it'll be $100 (in her salon) for my trial and bridals and then $250 (on location) for the wedding day.
  • we are doing our own make up

    my hair stylist is coming to our hotel and charging $50/person, no travel cost
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    [QUOTE]I would seriously curl up in a ball and die if I had to pay what some of you are paying for this.
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    I'm paying $150 for my hair, airbrush makeup, lashes and consultation. I'm also paying for my bridesmaids and there will be $125 each for hair, airbrush makeup, and lashes. Plus tips of course!

    She's also coming to our hotel but no travel fee.
  • My hair including trial will be $75. She will also be coming to me the day of the wedding. She is only charging the girls $30 for up-dos and $20 for just styling.

    I am having my make-up done by a friend as a wedding gift. She is amazing.

    But I know both make-up and hair can get rather pricey in my area.

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  • Hair: $35
    Make up: DIY - so free minus supplies.
  • I don't really know what hair will cost.  My hairdresser that has been cutting my hair since 7th grade is doing it and I didn't even ask.  I trust her completely and wanted her to do my hair so whatever it costs, it costs.  I think it's $100 for my trial and day of hair and then $65 or so for each bridesmaid (I'm paying for their hair).

    Makeup is airbrush and it was $55 for my trial and $120 for day of (including airbrush, fake lashes, eyebrow shaping, blotting sheets, and a touchup lipstick).  It's $55 for each girl to get her makeup done (no lashes, touchup lipstick or eyebrow shaping) and they're paying for it themselves.

    It definitely depends on where you live as to what it costs.
  • I'm not sure about makeup yet, but my hair girl told me these are normal prices anyone should expect to pay.  $40-60 for a regular up-do.  $100 for bridal hair with veil (including trial).
  • My regular hair stylist is traveling with us and charging $50 for my hair and $35 for each of the bridesmaids wanting to have their hair done.  For makeup, I have someone coming to us.  $75 for my makeup including a trial and a free airbrush upgrade from when I booked.  Two of the girls are having their makeup done as well for $45 each.
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  • I am paying $30 for each of my BMs hair and mine is free. We are doing our own makeup. This is normal for the low end in our area. Some a more expensive.
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  • My hair will be 35$. I have hair to my braline so it is not short. My hairdresser is the owner of a 1 man shop. She is the cheapest in town. I have gone to her for about 10 years now when i went all over town to get my hair cut from long to short paying lots of money & she was the only one who did what i wanted. 

    Make up is 25 per person. We have the MUA come to our house. 
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  • I'm hoping to pay no more than $75 for each.  It really depends on the area though.  My venue is right on the MA-NH border, and there's a top makeup artist out of Boston who quoted me $150 for hair, $150 for makeup, $100 for trial (so $400 total).  I've found much cheaper, but I'm still looking :)
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    My hair is free with 4 or more BM's - I have 9 ladies getting there hair done, so score for me! I am still working on quotes for my make-up, I am also treating my girls to mani's, and the local shop will close down and do a private party for us with champagne, for only $12 a girl :)

    Edit - The hair stylist and MUA will be coming to my house also so no running around
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