Funny pics for a Monday

In going through our discs with (literally) HUNDREDS of pics, I've come across a few funny gems so far.  Hoping these will cheer up a Monday for some of you!

Okay, so not a funny, but still :) Jennlin being a good Knottie by taking detail pics

Photog told me of this one as she was sorting through pics for our sneak peek.  My mom's actually trying to give Jenn instructions on how to dance like a Thai dancer (I hope):

I have NO idea what exactly he was doing or saying here, but I'll let everyone else guess:


I think my expression says it all?

Photog, Sarack & her DH gettin down!

As my two BMs in this pic lovingly refers to it as: their white-trash pic (note the booze and the lit cigarette):

I have NO idea what the heck I was doing to have this Kodak moment captured.  My best guess: pretending to be Rambo holding onto a machine gun.

And of course, my personal fave which is my current siggy:

Family fall photo session with Ashley Hoyle Photography
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