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Monday/Weekend Checks

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Re: Monday/Weekend Checks

  • The last groomsman got measured for his tux, my sister found her bridesmaid dress, and I started/almost finished the DIY sign for the cardbox.

    I'm major stressing right now about our photography timeline, so I'm working on that today. I think the photographer wants us to leave a 2 hour gap for photos after the ceremony, but we're not having a cocktail hour (not serving alcohol) so that is definitely not an option. Trying to come up with better alternatives to taking photos 3 hours post-ceremony (she thinks people will look wrinkly and not fresh). ARRGH. Photos are important, but so is actually getting time to spend with our guests.
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  • As I previously shared
    Finished the escort cards with the exception of our missing 30 people.
    Finished making the door hangers for the OOT bags.

    Also made little welcome sign sort of things to go on the OOT bags to dress them up some.  Still working on figuring out what else to put in them.  Apparently a big brown bag with just a little door hanger would be lame.

  • ncd5015ncd5015 member
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    -Finished all classes with the church
    -FI was fitted for his suit
    -Took FI's band to be engraved. He doesn't know I did it so it'll be a good surprise at the wedding

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  • Finished programs (had to redo the WP page)
    1 of 2 ushers got fitted and talked to the mom of the RB. Just waiting on the final usher
    Put a day of binder together
  • FI had his bachelor party if you can call that a check, haha.

    Mom and I found the rest of the decanters we need for the bourbon bar and vintage coke crates for our cocktail hour when we're butlering the baby cokes in glass bottles. We got 5 of them for $78 and until now, I've only seen them for 1 for $60!!

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    Had pictures taken of FI and myself, so we can put them on the tv at the reception. Had a beautiful day in the park for pictures.

    Finished making the sucker flower pot for the candy buffet table.

    Ordered GM gifts and one BM gift. Still have one GM and 2 Ushers to find gifts for.

    Made the placecards for the guests that have already RSVP'd.

    We are meeting with an Officiant tonight....keeping my fingers crossed that we like him as we are down to the wire with finding a replacement Officiant (our other Officiant passed away last month).

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    RSVP Date - 6/15
  • Just ordered the GM gifts
    Got some cute HM clothes yesterday
    Hair Trial/Make Up Trial today at 3! :)

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  • - got the ink for my printer so I can finish the table names and drink menus
    - made a plan to go next week for the marriage license
    - started a tentative table assignment, waiting on the last few RSVP's
    - NWR: Painted to kitchen, FI hung a new vertical blind in the kitchen and I am starting the cabinets tonight. I will post pictures when I get home tonight!
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  • NWR: saw my little sister graduate college. It was a great little weekend away and I'm so proud of her.

    -planned out the full ceremony and sent the readings off to the readers
    -found my grandma a dress for the RD
    -have second fitting today
    Cappadocia, Turkey
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    image 30 Will be missing out!
    image 25 Are MIA!
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    [QUOTE]Just ordered the GM gifts Got some cute HM clothes yesterday Hair Trial/Make Up Trial today at 3! :)
    Posted by peachykeen26[/QUOTE]
    Can't wait to see pics!
  • We hired our DOC. I'm super excited
    I ordered our RD invites, two cute WR T-Shirts, stickers for our Candy Buffet bags, and our insert about our Post-Wedding Cook out that my parents are hosting.

    Slowly but surely things are getting done.
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  • daria24daria24 member
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    -Fi dropped off his ring to get resized
    -I wrote the first draft of my vows. We'll see how many more I go through! 
    -decorated the bottom of my shoes with "I Do"-well see if the rhinestone stay or if I need to hot glue them
    -I returned a few things to Macys-I can't wait until the wedding is over and I get to use that completion discount!
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    - Got the flower girl dress
    - Ring bearer got fitted for his tux
    - Wedding night hotel room got booked
    - Shower thank you's are DONE!
    This week, I really need to get going on the flowers:( ugh I don't want to!
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  • WR -
    *  I got pretty much my entire seating chart figured out.  We still have some people that haven't responded but it won't mess up the chart too much.
    *  My uncle printed my programs for me so I'm going to have the office ladies at my school cut them to size for me.
    *  We figured out some songs we were stuck on....still don't know what to do for my parents' entrance.
    *  I found headbands for my FG's.
    *  We asked FI's cousin to do our toast.  She's the one that introduced us and has such a bubbly personality and no problem public speaking so I'm excited.
    *  Got my last haircut before the wedding.

    *  Painted our downstairs bathroom bright orange.
    *  Cleaned our house top to bottom.
    *  Got some grocery shopping done.
    *  Made some desserts and spent the day with our families and moms yesterday.

    It was a very productive weekend for us.
  • -Got our marriage license on Friday
    -Had my hair trial on Saturday and I loved it!
    -Started working on the seating chart
    -Tracked down a few missing RVSPs...a few left to track down
    -Tried on my dress :)
  • cmg317cmg317 member
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    Paid off the florist, picked up my shoes, and signed the lease on our new home (we don't currently live together). This coming up weekend- Girls Weekend Get-a-Way to New Orleans!!!  Right now- need to finish Thank You notes for shower gifts.
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