June 2012 Weddings

The news and such (kinda long)

Hey ladies,
So udaptes and news with the wedding a life.
First life:
School starts again on Monday, and looking for a second part time job. Kinda stressing out over the job situation right now, but that is okay I guess.
Jeff has been crabby alot lately, leading to many arguements and fights. Since he is quiting an addiction he has, I know that he is going through withdrawl symptoms but sometimes it is still had to deal with him being mad at me for no reason at all, (example, I made a salad to go with dinner one night, and he threw a fit because he didn't want a salad or any healthy veggies to go with the dinner)
Lastly we have been having agruements about the wedding. Whichcaused him to say he wants to either eloope or have nothing to do with the wedding.
Yet, he is the one who is contacting the caterers and venues and everything, while, I not looked at our wedding planning stuff ro make it easy on him.

Now updates for the wedding.
Our entire city may change.  Our date Changed from June 1st to June 8th. My parents live on a farm which has 3+ acres of land. They would love to do the reception at thei place,so right now Jeff is looking at the prices of everything to see what would be cheeper.
My colors have changed, they are now Fushcia with blush and lime green
other than that, I have a dress fitting in three weeks and tasting of food.
Does anyone one have thoughts, comments or anynews of their own?
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