I don't have BM dresses now.

Sorry for two posts in one day - but this emergency just graced me with it's presence. So we ordered the BM dresses on Ideeli.com on 6/8 in two different orders, and my MOH put hers in on 6/9. The first order with 1 dress shipped and arrived last week. MOH's order with one dress that was purchased the next day has already shipped and will arrive on the 13th. The order with two dresses, however, has passed it's "Will ship by" date. I contacted Ideeli on live chat today and the lady told me that the vendor didn't give them a complete order and that she has no idea when they will get there - couldn't guarantee they will be here by July 30th and also can't offer rushed shipping.

I'm SO upset/sad/pissed off. I settled on these dresses because they were the only thing remotely cute in regular and plus sizes, and now it's definitely too late for David's. How does this go wrong 3 weeks before the wedding? Really? I did a fabulous job not getting stressed about the wedding but this makes me want to go kcvjoilskdghadfsgjhosghaosioewiraskdlfjaohOAFDSGOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (gotta let out keyboard aggression you know)

Thanks for listening.... just had to get it out. =(   

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Re: I don't have BM dresses now.

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    Can you go to Nordstrom, Macy's, or any major department store and buy BM dresses off the rack?  Those kind of stores should have dresses in plus sizes.

    BM dresses also don't have to be identical, imo anyway.  What color of BM dress do you want your girls to wear? They could all buy a dress in that color, and even if it's not the EXACT same shade, as long as their accessories, flowers, etc are similar they will still look like a part of your wedding party.

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    So, I've been dealing with  BM dress issues also! We got our dresses 2 weeks ago (wedding is in 4 days).....but one was sewn incorrectly and 4 were not the correct size! However, I believe our issue is resolved because I contacted the seller and she has made and re-shipped new dresses....and fingers crossed, they should be here today.

    Anyway. I say this because we were going to have to deal with a crisis too. One of my BM's suggested going to the supermall in Auburn for dresses. She told me that she got her BM dresses there and paid less than $100 for like 4. That could be a last minute if you don't recieve the other dresses. Also, JCPenney has been having a huge dress sale lately and they have dresses in lots of colors and sizes, etc.

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    The PP have good suggestions.  We ended up getting the BMd dresses from Pacificplex.com and had them w/in 3 days.  They do run small but go up to size 5x for some styles.  The only thing we ran into was they are a little big in the bust when fit to the hips but it was a simple tuck to fix so no stress for me (thank heavens!)

    I think the local stores that PP posted are good ideas to take a few hours and check out (or have the BMd do it if they know what to look for).  I also agree w/Mgoss that dresses don't have to look alike if you're okay with that.  Good luck! :)
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    Worse comes to worse:

    renttherunway.com can help you rent bridesmaid dresses if they have a style or color you don't mind. I don't know if there are plus sizes available though.
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    Thanks ladies. I have tried looking at department stores but couldn't find dresses that would fit/flatter the girls as well as mesh together. I tried the different shades thing but still couldn't put together anything we liked.

    I will check out the websites and re-visit the mall.
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    I had this same issue with one of my girl's dresses. Her store didn't order the dress from Jim Hjelm. She discovered this about a month prior to the wedding. She decided to go to David's Bridal, tell them her situation, and see if they could do aything to help. To our surprise, David's Bridal came through! She found a dress in the store that was a similar style to some of the ones I gave my girls as options, and the store called around to other stores (and checked the computer) to see if any of their stores had the dress in that size and in a specific color. This was in Florida, the dress was found at a store in New Jersey, and the dress was shipped down to her local store within a few days. No one at my wedding knew the difference between her dress and the other girls' - it was practically identical in color. So, before you rule out David's, you might want to see if they can help you guys out by checking their network's inventory for dresses on the racks.
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    Aaaaand, I just realized you posted this a couple of weeks ago, so sorry for the late response. Maybe it will help anyone else in a similar situation, though.
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