Rant & Rave Friday!

TGIF!!!  Today looks like it's going to be gorgeous Cool

Anyone going to any Solstice shenanigans this weekend?
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Re: Rant & Rave Friday!

  • Rave!!!!!
    -Geting my make up done by MAC at u vill today
    -Boudoir shoot in Seattle!
    -Mariner's game!! 
    - and it's sunny! What a great Friday :) 

    -I'm annoyed as allgetout with H right now.. lol.. he's being a slacker with telling me what times he's working so I know when to catch him online.. PITA... -__- lol

  • Firsttimer - have fun!! I did a boudoir shoot last weekend and although I got some backlash from certain family members... It was fabulous!!!

    Rant: After paying $260 to replace my busted truck window thanks to Seattle @$$holes, our water heater blew up 6 days after our 1 year homeowners (major appliance) warranty expired!! BAH! My wedding budget is being pinched so hard already and these big expenses a month before are killing us!

    RAVE: I am so blessed to have the most wonderful man in my life - he went out and bought the new water heater and all the parts and installed it for us - then stayed up late to make sure nothing went wrong after a nearly 10 hour day at work... He is just wonderful.
  • Wow Lady, that blows! I'm sorry :( Things just like to all happen at once.. 
    But yay for your FI being so mr. fix it! That's quite handy.. Mine would rather just pay someone else to do it.. lol.. I'm pretty sure he has never even changed his own car's oil :P 

    What outfits did you wear, if you don't mind me asking? 
    I haven't told a lot of my family, but I don't plan to tellt he more conservative side..  It's none of their business. I'm sure if we told H's side, though, they would be all excited for us.. lol. They are all suuuuper open that way. 

  • Yeah my photographer posted a few sneak peaks on her public fb page and tagged me (with my approval of course) but one of my sisters had a fit about them and I had to remove one and then untag myself from the rest - couldnt deal with her drama right now - too much other stress in my life. 

    I wore a few different outfits - first some black boy shorts with a black vest (cut under my breasts and had a lace back) and cute bra, then a hot fushia piece of lace lingerie (covered as much as a swimsuit), then some pink boy short undies with a white see through top and my wedding shoes (matched the outfit) then there are a few where I am behind a sign (says  "built with geniune Ford parts - lol - my fiance has a huge ford truck)with "nothing" on or wrapped in a white sheet.

    Have fun with it!! You can go look at the shoot from that day if you want - my photographers page is public on FB its called amour photography and mine are under Sarah Boudoir sneaks
  • Thanks :) I'll have to go check them out. 
    yeah, boo dumb family drama... That's just so dumb. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.
  • Rant:  There are a lot of people irritating me at work.  These are kinda irrational irritations, but still annoying.  BUT IT'S FRIDAY, and I get a break from the dumbies/flakes for two days. Smile

    Rave:  I'm gonna be a busy girl this weekend.  I'm having a 5-yr Pledge Class Graduation (from UW) "reunion" at an old college hangout bar we used to go to ALL the time.  Then there is a birthday party the next day.  And H and I are going to one of the Mariners/Giants games.
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    Photo courtesy of jennygg.com
    My never updated Planning/Married Bio: http://mgoss228.weebly.com/
    Seattle Knotties: Please page me if you send me a PM!
  • Rave:  Just got back from a fabulous business trip to London.  Really made me miss living there.  WIll see if I can convince FI to move there in the future :)  

    Rant:  Exhausted.  Got in about 2.5 hours late due to being diverted for an emergency medical landing.  Woman on the plane was likely having a heart attack.   Luckily there were 3 medical people on board and were taking care of her.  Was amazing to see the treatment they could give on a plane. 

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  • Rave: Today is beautiful!! I got our whole apartment suuuuper cleaned, and then this afternoon I am going with a friend to check out the farmers market and then make salmon and veggies for dinner. :) And next weekend is my bridal shower!!! I feel like almost all of the other July brides had theirs weeks ago, so I am SO excited for mine after hearing about/seeing pics of theirs. 

    Rant: My FI had been telling me for months that our officiant would be free as he is a family friend. I emailed the guy recently to ask what his fess were (I just had a feeling) and he charges $250. I am bummed because we just didn't have that figured in the budget (though we can make it work) but I just wish FI would have asked instead of assuming. Oh well, my fault for believing him huh?
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  • Rant: my foot still hurts really bad. Rave: my wedding is SUNDAY!!!! : if I have to hobble down the damn isle I will!!!
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  • KimzyLynn:  Early Congrats!!!!  Last autumn another Seattle Knottie messed up her foot and had to wear a boot on her wedding day (emyinpink), but she had a fabulous wedding day, and I'm sure you will too! Smile
    OMH est. May 7, 2011
    Photo courtesy of jennygg.com
    My never updated Planning/Married Bio: http://mgoss228.weebly.com/
    Seattle Knotties: Please page me if you send me a PM!
  • Rave: It's friday! Fi and I finished our homework for the officiant. We've been working on it all week, it was so long, and I'm glad we're done!

    Rant: I'm working tomorrow. It's not too big of a deal, because I do get paid time and a half, but still, ya know?
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