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update on mom

**edit since it won't let me edit at the bottom** forgot to mention i won't be back in the thread, gonna get ready n head out soon. thought i would quickly update since it is not late, usually we leave in the morning n come back at night n by then no one around.

she is not out of the woods by any means, they had the breathing tube out when i got her n she is off the heavy sedation but she is still having a lot of trouble breathing, has a bit of pnemonia. her bowels are not working yet either so she can't eat, can't drink (her reaction last night when we thought she been sleeping for 1/2 an hour and someone bought a bottle of water was priceless, we had to give her a tsp of it).

she is not stable enough to go to the hosp at home yet, will be at least tuesday before they fly her back. I am not sure when i am going home, i am pretty sure i will go back home with her bf and wait at least a day or 2 to make sure she is settled & ok. play it by ear.
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